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wen dus the nu skul yr start? am off on xam leav now n a dinny no wen t go bak t skul after xams r finishd.


i think it's the 6th june.

30th may isnt it??


6th of june


well when i am on exam leave i just eat eggs,eggs and more EGGS! you should try it


Hey all, hope you're well.
What's happeneing to 'pupil council online?' It used to be flourishing with great ideas and interesting debates but it's withered away. What's going on?
love jenna x


Three phrases should be among the most common in our daily usage. They are: Thank you, I am grateful and I appreciate.


Well I think our school is shocking how the base people get to be taken out places for mis behaving its rediculous!!! why do you think there is so many bad people in our school!!maybe if the good people were more appriciated than just a peice of paper saying positive referal then there wouldnt be as many bad people! i (and i know several people argee with me) think its shocking how people who misbehave get put to the base which is a skive, or get took out ot places such as mcdonalds..like they are being rewarded for misbehaving..if thatsthe case then i would like to see our school in a few years! mibi this should get changed to the bad people being PUNISHED and the goodp eople took out its bad enuf we cant allc onsintrate because of them! And im not saying im a bad kid and im not a good kid i have my days but im improving so im not some good kid being jelous!Does anybody else agree with me that its out of order!?

jenna mcdonald

Well well well!!! this once very active discussion board has went to pot!! active pupils?!
i know i'm a 'ex-pupil' however i still have a view!! ;) and with two points i wish to raise!

point 1. come on folks, get your voice heard over this!!

point 2. i believe this is a very important point which somewhat upsets and angers me!
the pantomime this year- a part is given to an 'ex-pupil' before a current, hard working pupil who wanted a point!!! this is simply not fair and something must be done!

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