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the last day of term in june: i have heard the 'gig on the grass' has been canceled! last year it made alot of money for charity, why stop it?!?! this is terrible.

Mr Mac

The Gig on the Grass has NOT been cancelled. It will be going ahead. The dates are yet to be confirmed.

6th yr pupil


2nd year skier

i think that a skiing outing should be organised but not for begginerd for more advanced skiers as all of the courses and trips available of this sort are for begginers and me my self i am quite an advanced skier so i would much preffer it if you would organise this one trip for more advanced skiers if you do make a go ahead of it.

2nd year

i agree with second year skierthere should most deffonatly be a sking trip for advanced to intermediate skiers

mgs pupil

i think that 2nd year skier's idea is great we should have a trip for better skiers.

stop replyin 2 it urself!!

i agree


well ur a ned cause they have different email adresses different emails


come 2 the stocks at 11.30 as andy (head boy) is going 2 b soaked!!!!

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