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Why just senoir pupils ???

Mr Mac.

All pupils take part in the Pupil Council through their classroom representative.


Well Does anyone read this ? I've not really seen anythign been done/answered/helped its the odd one or two but there is more than that to be answered, I'm seein no point to this at the moment.

Mr Mc

The PupilCouncilOnline is not the most popular part of the site (most people go to the LearningZone) but in the last four months nearly 2500 people have viewed the online Council to see what is going on and make their point. Nearly all of the issues raised go to the Pupil Counil meetings held in school, via our Head Girl. Everything you say here is taken into account at meetings.

It might be disappointing to see that something you want action on has not yet been carried out. That doesn't mean you should stop talking about it. If you do that, then the people running the school will take it as a lack of interest and do what they THINK is right, not necessarily what you WANT.

Any suggestions for new threads in this discussion?

Sandra Robertson

It is a gr8 idea to have a pupil council. Because pupils ideas can be brought up to make the school a better learning place.

Sandra Robertson

CAn pupils benefit from giving their views to the pupil council?


Yes, pupils can and do benefit from giving their views to the pupil council. We have discussed topics from 'healthly lunches' to 'litter'. Pupils benefit as necessary changes are made. x

if ppl in the school want the meals to become healthy y is there still things like pizza on the menu.is that healthy i thought not!so take things like that off the menu...theyr just wastein their time if they dont

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