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Mr McIntosh

A couple of comments on this matter came last month, too:

we had to do most of our exams in uniform, and yes it was a burden but still the 4th yrs got study leave for their prelims, last yrs 4th years didnt get study leave! mite as well just get on with it eh!? its the grades that matter not what you wear

Posted by: anon | December 2, 2004 10:38 AM

I think i will get better grades if i am comfy so what you wear does matter!

Posted by: anon | December 2, 2004 09:20 PM

Claire 1C1

i dont think teachers should be able too send us home for not wearing uniform when only about 14/20 off them wear them so whos with me

No name

Uniform is a bad thing i really dont fell comfy in my uniform it makes me hot sweaty and the colours are soo boring. I think that the uniform should be like Jeans and a cool shirt with the musselburgh school logo on it! that good thinking


To be honest the uniform colours are ok but because the staff don't wear them it provides unequality throughout the school. Also the uniform itself is the most expensive thing ever. A big example of this is when i first came here only a few years ago the total cost was £70 and this was only for 4 jumpers and 2 polo shirts. Also it is very uncomfortable hence the reason why i stopped wearing the uniform. So to improve on the uniform i would recomend it be completely re-made to make it more comfortable for the pupils

dont want to say

Well uniform is black , blue and white but if we wore a white t shirt and blue jeans thats ok rite well it's not. Teacher do though and do they get sent home NO! it's no fair

5th year

What's the need in wearing uniform while doing exams? You don't do homework in uniforms so why exams. Uniform does not make you concentrate better.




i can c y teachers like t uniform but no1 cs us when we r in an exam. surely its better 2 b comfy & relaxed

exam student

i totally agree- i'm sure most people would like 2 b uniform free in exams.
i heard we may not b allowed 2 wear necklaces. is this true?

5th year

I think it is disgraceful having to wear white shirts because they are uncomfortable and too cold to wear in the winter


i think it's a good thing to wear uniform during "normal" school days. i think it's terrible that we have 2 wear uniform in exams. there is very little support for this- we have reasons 2 back our argument. why is nothing been done in our favour/ why is nobody listening to what the s4-6 want?

A lassie fae PL

hey, a fink dat it is shabby dat ur makin all o th S4,5 n 6 pupils wear uniform for their exams. its bad enuf dat dey ave tae wear it durin th normal skul wk farless wen dey ave the added stress o havin tae sit xamz. i found th jumpers reali uncomfy wen a wore dem n a fink dat u shud ease off th strain on th poor lads n lassies! <3 fae me xxx


I would just like to say how DISGUSTED i am at how Mr Summers plans to treat the s5/s6 in the prelims. There is no way that i will be whereing uniform! Mr summers will have to go and revise the rules because if he dares prevent me from taking my exam you can tell him i will see him in court!!!

prelim pupil

do i have 2 wear uniform in my exams? no teacher has actually said this 2 me, is it hearsay? i hope it is because i wil not want 2 wear it.

mgs 6th yr

there is very little support for this 'uniform in exams' so why do we have 2 wear it? don't we have enough 2 worry about?!?! so yes we have a routine in the morning but when are studying, we do not wear uniform. when doing past papers we do not wear uniform. when on study leave we do not wear uniform therefore, there is no argument for wearing uniform in exams.
why don't we get suitable working conditions so we can actually learn and acheive our potential and focus on academic achievment? when doing a close reading in Eng.(period 6 wed) we had 2 stop because of loud drilling. we inderstand that the companies will be fined but it is simply disturbing our education.
these are the things that are affecting us. get this sorted first before you disturb the pupils further. listen to us, the one's going through the stress, the country's future instead of going against us. go on, ask the 6th yr.

angry prelim sitter

i kno this has nothing to do with uniform but it does hav something to do with the prelims. how come we hav to do our exams in the large gym? cant the building work stop for 2weeks at least? i think this is a joke we are being placed in there as im sure it will b a struggle to fit us all in!
i for one are not very happy with these arrangements

6th year

I agree. We are used to the layout of the hall and I think it is totally shocking that we are expected to sit these important exams not only in uncomfortable uniform but in the gym too. Terrible. What next?!?! Terrible.

put yourself in 'our shoes'

how would certain teachers and members of the senior management like to do their prelims in a P.E. hall? i don't think they would like it at all. be honest, it's bad and you wouldn't put up with it.
therefore, as seniors, we are putting our outrage across and in return told to "focus on academic achievement."
for once, listen to us please.

pupil who has just sat prelim

I have just sat a couple of my prelims in the gym hall- there is not even a proper floor. it is covered with this plastic stuff.


I think that there should be no school uniform because then we would have a lot more fun at school and it would save our parents money

angry prelim sitter

iv bn sitting my prelims in the gym hall and hav bn severly put of with the lightenin and heating noises that occur regularly.
im sure this wouldnt happen if we were in the assembley hall!!
anyone else agree?

2nd year

To be honest i think that when you are in exams you should still wear school uniform because it may or may not effect your preformance but the 5th and 6th years are supposed to set an example to thr rest of the school but if they are at school and not in uniform what is that giving an example of?Pupils see the fith and sixth like this and think thats it's not fair and then they decide that they aren't going to wear school uniform because the pupils that are supposed to be setting a good example when in actual fact they are setting a bad example.This is also counter acting the whole point of Mr.Summers clamp down on people not wearing school uniform.So I say that everyone should wear school uniform no matter what year they are in and no matter what exams they are doing whether they are exams in 1st year and second year,doing 3rd year exams,stander grades,highers or advanced highers.

Angry s2

Well s4 s5 s6 shouldnt wear uniform when doing exams Its just not fair you need to be comfy it doest help wearign shirts and all.I dont think there should be a uniform cos that girl who went to court so she could wear her muslim dress (diff skl) ( She was musilm i think)and the rest of us have to stick to uniform thats not on with me. The teachers arnt allowed Jeans i know that. But its so uinfair they dont have a dresscode they can wear whatever they feel like you know?.


what about s1-3?

6th yr pupil

Before the "2nd years" continue to complain about the "bad example"the S5/6 are setting, I would like to say we have much exam experience, you don't. You will understand when you are sitting these exams, that is such a need for you to be comfortable. Surely you are mature enough to wear uniform while the senior years sit exams. We have experience, you do not. Therefore, we are not setting a "bad example", we are trying to have the best conditions for ourselves and for future exam candidates.

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