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Well I am not religious and this is another thing about it. Why do the pupils that have no religon have to go to the religious assemblies


I am not christian. There are many people in this school that aren't. Im sure many people would agree with me when I say that they can be offensive. The aim of life is not to worship god! I respect that other people have their religions, but I for one do not like to be told what religion a should be a part of!


This school is not religious and if they use the excuse that its teaching us about religion, then why is it only protestant views. My purpose in life is not to 'please god' as our last speaker told the entire assembly hall. If they insist on carrying on with these religious assemblies, then they should have representatives from every religion to come and speak. That way it's fair. I object to the fact that protestants are allowed to share their views, and that no other religion is.


I would say the assemblies are good- they are thought provoking and brightens your day.


I think that there should not be assemblies like this because if there are some people who are not that religon then it wouldn't be very nice for them to sit through these.

none oh ur beeswax

I agree because if u r not say jewish, hebrue, cristian, etc,etc then y should u have 2 sit through the assemblies? some people may find it offensive if they have 2 sit through these when their religion is not even mentioned. Its just not fair either we have all the religion assemblies or none that way its fair


i agree with aaaaaaaaaaaaa and laura.what's the point.it's totally biast.


scotland is a protestant country therefore these assemblies are necessary for a scottish school.


yeah that is true but i have to say they are a bit over the top sometimes maybe they should be less serious etc.
but you just have to get on with it it only lasts like 10mins ; once a week!


the school can't decide ur religion 4 you!!!!


who ever said they were??


they r choosin ther religion 4 u if they make u sit in an assembly about how "great jesus was!!


our assemblies have taught us to treat each other with respect.

Mr McIntosh

For more information on the faiths and religions in the UK please refer to the excellent BBC site:


It is a legal requirement that assemblies be held in the school, and that some of these assemblies be religious ones. Does anyone have thoughts on how they could be made better to try and bring in more of the UK's faiths?


i dont thinbk that there should be any religious assemblies

As a Christian I find it hard to understand what is so offensive about being taught to respect, love and care for one another and God. Although we live in a multi-cultural society, Scotland remains a mainly protestant country and this has to be respected by those of other or no religion as every1 has the right to worship as the wish. This could be Christianity, Islam, Judaism or no religion but we need to co-oper8 with each other. These assemblies are only for ten minutes a week but Christians have to spend their whole lives constanly offended by people using the Lord's name in vain, swearing, lying and having assumptions made about them on the basis of their faith that are rarely true and justifiable. Please consider this before you jump to conclusions and try to force your beliefs on to others. It is your opinion and belief that life is not meant to serve God, not a fact. x

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