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5th and 6th years should have lockers, as they have the biggest work load out of all the years.


Disregard that one, rong post. as u can tell, meant for lockers. N the councils cheap, u should know that by now.


i live in wallyford and have a bus pass but my pass is only for first service busses and not for lothian service busses but there are more lothian busses that first resuilting in me being late allot of the time this is just not practical!!! 1st to 3rd year get a bus outside the school gates and 4rth to 6th have to get one down the street for one



Here Here!!


I live in two places and am always being late to school either because the school bus is late or never turned up or I cant get on the bus cos I doint have my pass.

molly aka kaylz

I live in wallyford and i am sick of having to wait for the busses which is a first buss when the lothian come more often the first busses only come at 20 past or 20 too the house which always makes me late my mum has been paying for buss fairs for the last two years so that i get to school ontime. i think many people would agree with me and say that they WANT THE SCHOOL BUSSES BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

A lot of the time the bus just drives past the stop which results to us being late for school [which isn't our fault] but we still get detentions.
Also going home we have to cross a busy road but i just don't hope that the school waits until someone is knocked down before bringing the school buses back.

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