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i think it is discraceful that the school has stopped selling cans at lunch many people have said to me that they agree and i think you should reconsider selling cans at lunch with the meal deals


As a school we are premoting healthy eating therefore are cutting back on such things as fizzy juice. As an alternative, water fountains will be installed and fruit juices are sold as a replacement. x


Water fountains? I dont think thats a goood idea because people might put chewing gum i and so on like they do with the classroom doors.

Luke 1C3

I think there shoulb be a bully club for people who get bullied to talk about there feelings to others who understand. Please bring up in next meeting


i think we should buy fizzy drinks before or after school.

Katie- primary student

We don't have fizzy juice at primary school. when i come 2 the Grammar I would like healthy juice there 2.

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