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Yet again with no direct link on how to make a new thread i have to go here.
This is regarding the schools one way system and my fury to see that the teachers do not follow it we are being forced to follow, we are being forced to walk outside to get to class we should not be the only ones. I will love to see Mr Summers and Mr Mackinnon walking outside so they can see just what we have to go through.


i think fizzi drinks should be sold as a option to all pupils to be healthy or not as it is there choice


i think fizzi drinks should be sold as a option to all pupils to be healthy or not as it is there choice and you should colect a ticket before you quie with a number of 1-1600 so if your no4 and behind you is number7 then 5 no 7 has pushed and should get in place


please join the choir- it's pretty fun. after school on a tuesday til 4.30. there's no audition and everyone is welcome. if you are not sure, shy or hesitant, don't worry you'll have a good time. hopefully see you there!

orchestra's on everyone, after school on wednesday til 4.30. it's a good laugh now. (kyle, 1st violin, your stand's the best?!) hehe. recorder players esp. welcome. See you there!

the x-mas concert is on thurs 16th dec so keep it free! join in or come along!


I am absolutely furious with the way the buses are being run aswell as thye bullying inside. But what annoys me know is how no one is doing nothing about it. I am still finding myself running late because of the first buses. where is the uiversal bus passes!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Right there is something that has made me more furious than the one way system and that was the notice in the pupil news regarding the s4 prelims. let me refresh your memories "if you are not in school uniform you will not be allowed to sit the exam"This is the worst thing for this school yet

Luke 1C3

I think that ther should be more sweets at the tuk-shop at brak. I also think that we should have an extra brak inbitwen lunch and home time.It would also be good if we got in later and out quickerl.

Jorden 1C3


DO YOU ENJOY BEING PUSHED AROUND.i know i dont ,stand up and make your shout do you want a way to make sure people dont push in the lines i do i think there should be tickets you take and get your food e.g numbers 1-1700 then if number 1,2,3,4and 5 are in the right place then it gose number 9,6,7,8, then number 9 has pushed and needs to go in place and if you have no ticket you dont get served so if you think the same please state your comment here now and make the school a better place. P.S PUPIL COUNCIL PLEASE TAKE THIS ONBOARD AS AN IDEA ITLL IMPROVE THE SCHOOL AS ALOT OF PEOPLE ARE TIRED OF BEING PUSHED INFRONT OF FROM Jorden 1C3


I also think it is terrible that the 4th years r expected 2 do their prelims in uniform. As a 6th year, I have experience of exams.....being comfortable is so important! I hope this will be changed as I will not be happy doing my exams in uniform!


we had to do most of our exams in uniform, and yes it was a burden but still the 4th yrs got study leave for their prelims, last yrs 4th years didnt get study leave! mite as well just get on with it eh!? its the grades that matter not what you wear


I think i will get better grades if i am comfy so what you wear does matter!


there's always been people talking about uniform. I think if teachers don't have to wear uniform then pupils shouldn't have to wear it. it's unfair and it's dosen't help if some people go to school not wearing uniform and dont get caught i think someone should go round classes and ask pupils about school uniform. and if mr summers dosen't like the idea then we shouldn't have to wear uniform on fridays at least.

2nd year in 2S1

I think that we should have a wider choice of food in the dinner hall and not just the rubbish fast food which is packed with addatives and E numbers. I think we should have healthy meals and fast food just once a week. Even if the meals being made healthy cost more people who go down the street spend more money than they would if they stayed in the school for lunch so the price increese wouldn't realy matter.This will also help with what the government is trying to do MAKE PEOPLE HEALTHIER!The school isn't helping this campain so i want CHANGE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


thanks to all of the prefects that helped out at the S2 parents night last week- esp. when it got busy! The tea/coffee was greatly appreciated by both teachers and parents. A huge thanks also to those who cleared up at the end and took down signs. Thanks again, x

Grace O'Hagan

I was a pupil at MGS from 1978 - 1984 and I have to say I am proud to be so. This website is superb. Well done everyone!

By the way, on the one way system gripe - it was the same for us 20 and more years ago. We were told off for going along corridors and down staircases the wrong way whilst teachers just broke that particular rule quite freely! Like you, we would sometimes go outside to get to classes more quickly. Think you could be fighting a losing battle there!

By the way, I was pleased to note some familiar names are still there amongst the staff. Goodness, they must have staying power!

And one final comment - do your best to campaign for healthy school meals. It's no secret that in the UK as a whole, students have health problems and behavioural issues which didn't seem as bad when I was at MSG. (Believe me, I have witnessed some shocking things in English schools.) I think the fact we weren't stuffed with E numbers and additives at lunchtime was probably a contributing factor.

Mai See Yang

Hello there everyone. Well, my name is Mai See Yang and I am a freshman at Granite Hills High School which is located in Porterville, California. I am in English Composition 1PA and our class is debating about lockers. I would like you guys to help me. Do you guys think that schools should have lockers or not? please reply as soon as possible.

thanks everyone,
Mai See Yang

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