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A playground! I think that 1st years are all grown up now. I don't think that they need a playground it's a bit babyish.

Luke 1C1

I wish there were better lunches and we had more of a choice on what we eat. Also there should be more than two people serving in the transit area so there could be more lines and people can get there things faster.We should also have harder punishment exersizes like 150-250 lines and it should be green so who is with me stand up from the croud and get the school into action

luke 1C3

i think in the transit area there should be about 4 people serving and 4 line i also think there should be more of a choice for lunches in the school i also think there should be a punishment exersize like 250-300 lines


I think there should be more free water in the school because the school can be roasting at times.


what is the point of a 1st year playground.i thought school was about learning and meeting new people.not dragging us away. i also agree with luke about the totally disgusting lunches.


Whats the point ther old enuf aint they its like primary all over again wat next!!

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