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May 17, 2006


Message for Ali P "in da Chateau"

Message for Ali P "in da Chateau"

Hope all is going well....
Don't eat too many frogs legs or snails :-)

Love from Evil Dad

amy saunders

message for amy saunders
sorry i posted message in your name just mum being mum silly me any way have loads o fun and keep on smiling

Emma Pringle

Hi Becca hope ure having a gd time in france. were all missing u loads! Dont eat 2 much frog legs now! Hope u have loads of fun, dont 4get ma present, jj c u soon. Fi Emma


Message for: Lindsay Barnett, Amy Ruickbie, Sophie Myles, Claire Edwardson and Melissa Harper.

Hiya all. Missin ye already. I wiz cryin on wed night, i wanted to cum sai byez but autie shaz wiz takin too long to do mi hair. I hope yew all had fun on the bus & ferry, was ny1 sick? Im goin to the cinema with suzie (organised by english and hutchy is goin and duff) for activity day (Thurs & fri) To see Mission Impossible 3. Amy have u got ur nnew mobile wit ye? coz if u do Check ur voice mail!!!! And once again my pc is busted! (Wear clean underwear! Had to b said)

Btw my bro has been postin comments which aint tru (If they bad nd tht)

Miss ye all



bonjour melissa ca va?je m apelle kirstie. just to say we miss you but hope you have a nice time. wish i was there i would like to go to disneyland paris.fergus and kimberley pining for you lol kirstie and claire x x

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