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May 17, 2006


Gemma McPhee

hi rebels!! i went on the trip last year and it was quality!! id give ANYTHING to go back :D (hint hint all the teachers there):P but just remember to enjoy yourselves and have a good time!
love gemma...
p.s the chateau is the best part :P:P:P and remember if other schools are there challenge them to a game of football( i think all the teachers remeber last years game england v scotland!)
and remember to THRASH THEM!!

Andrea Walton

Message for Steven Walton.

Hope you had a good trip to France.

Did you manage to sleep on the bus?

Did you eat all your sweets and chocolate then get sick?

Have you managed to have a french meal yet? If yes, was it nice?

Missing you already and it is only day one.

How kind am I by the way? I have left your room as you left it so you can come back and tidy it up. Something for you to look forward to.

Have fun on your trips and hope the weather is good.


Igoe Family

Message for Daniel Igoe

Lauren hopes you have a nice time in France and is looking forward to her present .... so don't forget it !!!

She also says she hopes you have eaten all your chocolate.

The house is quiet without you to fight with your sister... but I bet your enjoying the peace from us.

We will keep checking out the website and hope to see lots of your adventures.

Take Care and most importantly HAVE FUN!!

Mum, Dad and Lauren x x

suzie mwanza

message for claire edwardson

hi claire hope your having a lot of fun in paris. missing you loads.hows the food .hope you all had a great trip to france .
p.s howz sophie
love suzie xoxo
p.p.s the mission is going well!

Patsy Bruce

This is a message for Lewis Cumming: thanks for the texts, you know I appreciate them! Hope your having a fabby time and that the weather is better there than here!
Take care and have a brilliant holiday!!!!

christine schaffer

Hi Heather
Granny is getting better, she is fighting with the doctors which is a good sign. We have tidied your room and found two tigers, three giraffes and four wild beasts. It is really weird but we are really missing you lots. We hope you are having lots of fun.
love Dad, Mum and Emily

Mr Summers

Morning everyone. Glad you have had a smooth trip so far. You might find some comments from your teachers in the next few days - I'll remind them of this link at today's meeting. Who ate all the escargots?

barnett family

Message for Lindsay Barnett

Hi there. Hope your first night in France went well and you managed to catch up with some sleep. Kirsty misses you although she loves having the computer all to herself. I will try not to let her borrow too much of your stuff. Can't wait until you get home as your room is too clean and will need you to mess it up.

Have loads of fun and take loads of photos for us.

Love Mum, Dad and Kirsty

Rory Sweeney

Bonjour Sean et Colin. Ca va? (After two year of learning French I know how to say Hello and How are you!) Uh... I'll talk English now. Is the weather up there nice? Well, it's quite down bad here. Get me a gift! Bye. (wait! I know that one!) Au revoir? I heard you going to Le Louvre, woo....Bye.




Rachel Gallagher

bonjour, ca va? je m appelle Rachel. j ai treize ans.

what have yous been up to? havin a good time? and what trip are you lookin forward to?
au revoir x
for Gemma ,Carly and Lisa;)

Liam Moffat

Salut,ca va?.Je m'appelle Liam. Comment sont les cuisses de grnouilles?.Hope you are all enjoying yourself.Claire,we are missing you and can't wait for your return[ha ha].
Au revoir

gemma baxter

Bonjour hi lisa gemma n carly have a gd time c uz all soon lv gemma xxxx

alison turnbull

bonjour ca va je m'appelle
alison !!

have u seen famous landmarks yet is the mission with the eiffel tower goin good amy and melissa

lol so anyways tryed frogs legs do they taste like chicken ?
anyone homesick yet any gossip over there like the divinci code movie that was filmed in the louvre

have u seen the eiffel tower and seen the paint is ppl still painting there we r having a bit of fun 6 pages of work on one day most work i have done in french lol

today 19/5/06 shout out 2 amyz and melz and hope u have fun try not to fall of fthe eiffel tower (or push anyone )hint hint
c ya all soon in 3 YEAR YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):)

au revoir

( '.' )

Nicole nd da gang!

Hiya this is a message for: Amy ruickbie, Sophie myles, Caire Edwardson, Amy Saunders, Melissa harper And lindsay barnett and other randoms hu i know.

Hiyza! Howz u all havin gr8 weather here, I hope u all eat frogs legs and snails and i told amy this I WANT A PROPER CHOCIE CROISSANT BACK. now. thnx. I was missin ye all and may r if u have u new mob wi ye CHECKJ YER VOICE MAIL NOW! lolz i hope yer all gr8 nd tht and steven sommerville keep yer hands off amy nd tht ali is w8in on ye! Lolz! Miss ye all!


Niki, Rach, Ellis, Jess, suzie, taz, emma, and ali

Byez! ps. Im in amy r's suitcase :P told ye i was goin

p.s.s I love the eiffel tower (Hint Hint) Bring me it back! It'll fit under my bed! and its not heavy or big!

Niki (4 got to put sumthin in)

I hop yew all threw up in the barf bags


throw sm1 off the eiffel tower pleaseeeeeeeeeeee (Hint hint) -x-coff coff-x- (U know hu) Ill leave ya hw for ye amy! Am goin ti the vue (Warna bro cinima) wi ms hendo nd (Unfortuantly) duff

has miss watson beaten up ny1 yet???

Lurv ye all (Ma matez)




Kirsty Barnett

Message to lindsay barnett.

HELLOOOOO!!! hope ur havin fun! have u ate any french food yet?! im missing u but i get the pc all 2 myself! hehe... have a gr8 time!

fi kirsty xxx

Lori Tait

HI igoe, what u been up 2? how's the weather been, have you been up the eiffel tower yet? have you eaten any yucky snails or frogs legs yet or are you too scared to try them!!! i wouldn't they look mingin!! are you missing home yet? have a great time and enjoy yourself , seee you when you come home,


Lori, Kyle & Annette xx


This message is for Melissa and Amy

He its me again but i am bored lol. I miss u all so much and im goin 2 Mary Kings Close wi some ppl in ma science class ( Ross Coff coff ) on the day u come back :P and on the Thursday am doin tat wi random comic book thing yay !! I really miss u so much lo, and btw Mel ur group won the T-shirt thing in art and u neva got a mars bar and a mars delight haha neither did i but neva mind .....
Skool is really borin as usual ur not missin much but the weather is really good for a change !!!!

Canny wait to cu...!!!

PS.. Have u pushed enyone of the Eiffel Tower ( Coff Coff )

Ellis n Rach

A lil note for a lil person called lindsay

hey hey lindsay

how are u coz we r gid back ere in Scotland. Eniwayz thatz not the point well how wiz the trip coz buses r boring (ha ha evil laugh) We all hope u r enjoyin coz itz all so quiet ere without u. Howz the food coz were eating NORMAL food hope they aint making u eat einthing to disgusting or mingin. Eniway we hope u have fun at park astrixz n dont b sick!! Have fun in Paris n take lots of piccyz fir us t c wen u get bk k n were looking forward to seeing u again wen u get bk
ok we hav got to go now soz hope to speek soon
missin u already lov Ellis n Rach xx


hey every1 i no dat has went... is da weather gd der
ave us eat any snails n dat yet lol
enjoy da rest of ur trip n ill c ya in 3rd yr


heyah sophie
how are yew? hope you are having a good time. You gonna eat snails ewww Cyaz when yew get back xx

amy saunders

hi amy it's mum hope you are having lots of fun and trying the great food see you soon
love youXXX

stephanie foley

hi becca hope u r havin fun have u eat snails n tht yet eww they sound discusting well me n emma r missin u especially emma well hope u enjoy the rest of ur trip hope u r having fun luv steph xx

Alfie Gibson

To Laura Gibson

Woof woof.
Hope your having a good time over there. Food here is rotten, still on dry biscuits. Missing Newhailes, all my pals say hello. Mum, Dad & Ryan looking forward to seeing you. Bye for now... woof!

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