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May 25, 2006


Ken Ruickbie


From Miss Leroux's comments I'm sure that you had a fantastic time at the Park. I hope you have been taking lots of pictures so we can enjoy all the sights you have experienced.

Glad your coming home the house is too quiet and tidy!

See you soon, thank goodness

Love Dad & Mum

Ewan Cameron

Hi Greg

I bet you really enjoyed Parc Asterix as you think Theme Parks are great. How does it compare to Alton Towers? Hope you have really enjoyed the trip and will see you tomorrow morning


Katrina Barnett

Hi Lindsay,

Sounds like you have all been having fun. Hope you went on all of the big rides at the fun park and are not too sore. Can't wait until you get home, you will have a pile of washing and ironing to do (ha!ha!)

Try to phone us when you are closer to home and we will see you soon.

Love Mum, Dad and Kirstyxxx

Igoe Family

Hi Daniel and Steven

Sounds like you had a great trip and I bet your sad its coming to an end. Hopefully you have taken some photos to show us what you got up to.

Safe journey home and I am so looking forward to all the washing!!!!

See you both soon.

Mum / well part time mum to Steven

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