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May 23, 2006



Fiona and Sarah
Have a great time at the park!!!
love mum

Igoe Family

Message for Daniel and Steven.

Sounds like the Eifferl Tower was great and hopefully you have taken some pictures.

Have a magic time at the park I had a look at the website for it looks REALLY good.

Take Care and see you on Friday.

Mum, Dad and Lauren x

Heather Wallace

Hi Rowan & Glenn. I'm delighted you went up the Eiffel Tower and am looking forward to seeing the photos. Have a great time at the Parc today.

Mum xx

Andrea Walton

Hi Steven and Daniel

Steven, I hope you had a wonderful time up the Eiffel Tower and that you have taken plenty of pictures despite me telling you NOT to take LOADS of pictures of the same thing over and over. The Eiffel Tower is different. It is somewhere I have always wanted to go so I am soooooooo jealous.

Enjoy your park visit today and hope your weather is good.

Our weather has cheered up a little bit as well. It is quite sunny now but is also cold and windy. Not very reliable at the moment. Bring some nice sunshine home with you on Friday please.

Can't wait to see you both. I'll have the matchsticks ready for your eyes.

The Walton clan


hey every1(del,micha,heather,sami,aliand shivvy.)hope ur havin a great time an we miss u loads an cant wait 4 u 2 cum bck an c use though u probably can lol its really quiet without u lol Oh and by the way if del took computing heathers in her class.

Mr Parker

To Lindsay,Siobhan,'Becca' and Rowan (2G2)
Hope you have all enjoyed yourselves so far and had a great time. I'm sure the trip to the Parc will be brilliant.
See you when you have recovered!

Callum's Mum

Hi it sounded like a brilliant experience to be at the top of the Eiffel Tower - sounds like you have taken loads of photos so looking forward to seeing them all when you get back. Have a fab time at the Parc today and try not to be too fierd! remember you went on space mountain so this will be a doddle - Aye right! cu soon lots love Mum x

Ruth Hollands

Hi Connor,
Sounds like you're having a great time, can't wait to hear about parc Asterix. Missing you loads Love Mum, Scott, Snowy and Stuboy xx

Gillian Jones

Hi Mikey

Hope you enjoy the parc and all the big rides!!! Have fun. Can't wait to hear all about it!!

Love Mum X

martyn dickson

Hi Connor, how are you today, did you go up the tower? booked xmen going in the evening with jess and scott, stuart says hello. do you know what time you are arriving back.

take care


Malcolm Schaffer

for Heather Schaffer
had lunch with jan today who was up from sheffield -we are going down there in august and she is coming up to stay a couple of days in September with Baz.As we ate I imaginde you whiteknuckling in the parc -hope it went well and you didnt bruise your mates arms too much !!!!
Last days of peace and quiet-but funny thing is we are looking forward to mayhem returning even at 530 am on friday!!
Much love dad Mum Emily and suzie


Hi Laura
Great to hear from you last night, Eiffel Tower sounded brill. Hope you get a chance to go on all the rollercoasters in Parc Asterix, this time you can go on all the corkscrew ones without me feeling ill!! Have a great time, look forward to seeing you on Friday.
Love Mum, Dad, Ryan & Alfie. PS Gran and Grandad send you their love.

Patsy Bruce

Hi Lewis, hope you had a great time at Parc Asterix today, Moray and I have been trying to get ready for camp on Friday night. No matter how rainy it has been in France, at least you aren't under canvas with no showers! Can't wait to see you on Friday, hope you have a good journey home, love Mum

Lynn Myles

Sophie, it sounds like you're having a fab time - can't wait until you can tell me all aboutit. You'll be glad to know it's not raining here ha ha! See you Friday _ Vonnie sends her love.
Mum xx

Ken Ruickbie

Hi Amy R,
Hope the Parc was everything you were hoping for and that you have saved enough energy for walking around Montmarte. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow though not your dirty laundry!
Love Mum and Dad

Mr Summers

Morning everyone. Glad to see you are all having a good time. I always said I had top pupils - being at the top of the Eiffel Tower just proves it!


hi melissa,
hope you've had a great time and have a safe journey home,you'll just have time to dump your dirty washing on your mum and collect a fresh bag for guide camp!have fun take care
from,auntie mandy & co

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