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May 21, 2006


Tracy munro

to Caroline hiya its lindsey here btw i have been slepping in your bed. hope u r haveing a nice time seen you soon love

Gillian Jones

Message for Michael Hood.

Hi there Mikey. All missing you lots. Seems like you've been gone ages. Hope you are enjoying yourself...you must be if there is footy on the go!! We all send our love and can't wait to see you. Hope the fancy dress went well and Callums singing was not too bad!!. Enjoy Paris and see you soon.

p.s. Darren is a little bit bored.

love and hugs

Mum, Dad, Jordan, Greg and Jake xxxx


Forth One's Mystery Voices have been guessed today after nearly 3 weeks.
Daniel Beddingfield
Anthony Worrell Thomson
Martime McCutcheon.

kelsey campbell

hiya guys its kelsey...3c1
i was in france last year ...hope yuor enjoying yourselfs....and people you need too beat the english at football because we did last year so come on guys get scoring some goals..have a good time then pweese read this out!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emma Pringle

Hi Becca, your missing all the fun on big brother! Were all missing u, especialy Dale! C u soon. luv Emma

Malcolm Schaffer

for Heather Schaffer
Granny is now home though still quite weak.They both ask after you and have read the website.I looked up weather forecast for Paris which says it will become drier and sunnier-on saturday!!!Hope it does here as it still buckets down and is freezing as well.Miss not having anyone to shout at to turn music down ,turn light off,tidy up etc etc
Much love Dad Mum Emily and Suzie

Gillian Jones

Message for Michael H.

Hi michael.Its Jordan.Guess what happened I got Brellier's autograph and I got a photo of him. I also got my photo taken with the cup and Steven Pressly with darren.Gutied aren't you.Ha!!!
What have you been up to lately.
from Jordan

Mark Martin

Hey guys, hope ur having a top time, I've heard some of you are fans of the Forth One Hitlist, lovin' your work!

Enjoy the rest of ur trip and I want all the goss when ur back!

Monkey x


hiya evry,
hope uz r havin fun the weather is crap ere wish a wiz stil on holiday
excited bout goin in july
cyaz soon del n heather n da rest
miss yaz
cayz xx


Message for Clare Morris.
Hi Clare hope you are having a great time in France.I started my cycling proficiency today and it was brillant.I can't wait for the rest of the week.I hope you are having good weather there in France cause wer'e not.We had our Brownie thing tonight and we raised £105.Hope to hear from you soon.BYE.
Miss you
love your little sis Kezzy.

Lisa Forbes

Hi Emma. Glad to hear you're having a great time. London weather was as bad as yours but we saw lots of sights. I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time at the theme park. Remember to hold on tight! At least you won't have me screaming in your ear!!!!
with love mumxx

dani buchanan

heyae huneez hope use r havin a gd tym...i won th 1500m but i wiz th onli 2nd yeer takin part lol


Melissa Harper
Hi mel,
Look forward to seeing you soon.Hope you and Kimberley have a great time this weekend at guide camp. love you lots.Gran,Grandad andBroonoxxxxxxxxxxx

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