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May 21, 2006


Gemma Donnelly

hya siobhan n igoe i hope u's r havin fun. We are all missin u's n can't wait till u cum home.

Luv gemma

p.s sorri shivvy for costin u tht money for the txts lol. I'll give u the money wen u get back

Gemma Donnelly

hya gregor, hope u r havin fun. I'll cya on friday night wen u get back cos im cumin round wae my mum so u can tel me all about france so dnt be to tired lol.

from gemma


Message For Claire Edwardson.

Hi Claire, Hope you are enjoying yourself. Pity the weather hasn't been that great for you all. Mont St Michel looks amazing. Hope you're taking lots of photos. How's the food? I can imagine what your reaction would be to frogs legs and snails if you get the chance to eat these. Have you visited Omaha Cemetery yet ? Hope you didn't spend all your money at the Bayeux Market and remember no tack please! Not much news here, Lee swam in the 200 fly at Glasgow on Sat in the U12's. The competition was high but he fought hard not to come in last. Cam didn't even win. Hopefully going to visit Auntie P this afternoon.
Haven't tidied your bedroom, I'll leave that for you.
Take care love Mum

p.s. I'll get Lee to post something but it wont be nice !!

sheila hinton

Hi lewis

did u see the watford game? hope you're having fun love Auntie Sheeshee,Uncle Gary, Lauren & Lizzie XXX

Mary Archibald

Colin,hope you are enjoying yourself and that the weather is better with you. Did the sleeping arrangements work out? Keep having a great time and eat lots more crepes! Love Mum.


Hi Julie hope you are having fun in France you need to put a message in for us it is so borng without you it is so quiet lol cya when u get back!!


Hi Julie remeber to put a report in for us tonight see you on Friday hope your not to tired!P.S who are you sharing a room with? love mum xxx

Susan Parker

Message for Scott Parker

Just home from London had a great time although our sightseeing in Soho was somewhat different to yours ! Hope you are having fun . Jack & Victor are doing fine ( and the fish too ! ) Missing you loads love from Mum,Dad,Debbie & Claire xxx

Lee Edwardson

Message for Claire Edwardson:

I am missing you not! Have you had a bath because I can smell you from here ?

Igoe Family

Message for Daniel Igoe and Steven Walton

Hope you two are having fun and behaving yourselves?? has the chocolate supply ran dry yet?

Your weather sounds just about as good as ours although we did see the sun for a wee while today.

Hope the football and rugby went well and you stuffed the other teams!!

Message from Lauren She hopes you are missing her !! She is counting the days till you come back...funny she must be missing you to fight with her.

Anyway Paris here you come !! have a good trip and remember don't buy me anything too big.

Love Mum x

Petrie Family

Message for Alastair Petrie

Hi Ali... how r u ?
How is the weather it has been ok weather here lol

i sused ur password haha

love from claire miss u xxx

Kathryn Reilly

Message for Neil Reilly

Hi Neil

Very quiet here without you. KJ got no-one to fight with.... and the good news is it is still raining here too! Enjoying the French food? (not I bet!). Did you sing at the karaoke? Paris tomorrow - you will love it. Love Mum and Dad and Kirsten xx

Kirsten Reilly

hi neil,
hope u r havin a gr8 time. Have u got me a present yet??????????????? r u going to parc asterix?luv KJ


Hi Fiona and Sarah
How are you both?
Hope you are having a good time,and having fun. Fiona I see the wet weather is following you around!!!!
Enjoy Paris tomorrow!
Luv Mum Dad and Tess

Andrea Walton

Hi Steven and Daniel (Walton and Igoe)

Hope you both had a "lazy Sunday".

The weather has been terrible all day. It was a bit dry this afternoon, for about 2 mins, other than that, it has poured all day.

Rubbish on TV hence I am writing you yet another note.

Hope to hear from you soon Steven and Daniel.

Samantha is missing somebody to shout at and Dad is getting frustrated because he doesn't have anybody to argue with. Me, well I'm just plain and simply missing you.

♥ Mum (Andrea)

Mum n Dad

Hi Callum it's quiet at oor hoose too! Misca and I are missing you and Dad says that he finds it strange without you and i arguing - as if ehh?! Ryan was in your room last night but it's okay he only spilled one glass of juice on your bed! Have a great time in PARIS and make sure yu take loads of photos. Luv M & D

Mhairi Dalglish

Hi Mhairi,

Hope you're having a great time despite the weather. It's the same here too.
David is definately the culprit in Corrie - Terrible eh? Theat's boys for you.

Love Mum.

We've also been tidying your room - good news, it's only the third day and we've already gained sight of the floor.

Love Dad.

Mum, Dad, Ryan & Alfie

To Laura Gibson.
Hope you are having a great time, good luck finding your way around Paris tomorrow. All miss you lots, even Ryan! When are you going to blog back? Not like you to be off the computer! See you soon, love Dad.

suzie mwanza

hi claire
hey claire i bet u are well gutted that the weather in france is bad. School is realy boring without ye there to talk and gossip to lol. i think tomorrow(monday) we have to do the geography talk in front of a camera! and u dont have to do it! (im soo jelus btw)
ill try to call u wen i get a phone card
from ur best friend ... suzie xxx

Mr Summers

Morning everyone. Still cold and wet here. Who won the football and the rugby then? Who had the best fancy dress outfit? Glad to see you are all getting lots of messages from unsunny Scotland.


hi melissa,hope you are having a ball!!remember you have to try the snails!!i dont mean the ones you used to pick up from the ground and keep for a pet.miss you lots, love from gran,grandad& broonoxxxxx

katrina barnett

hi lindsay

hope u r having a great time. r u looking forward to paris. uncle alistair and uncle kenny send their love and hope u r having a good time. enjoy the eiffel tower and the fun park. kirsty's wishes she was there, so do we. she has no-one to fight with now.

have a great time.

love mum, dad and kirsty

Lynn Myles

We had a great time filming Taggart yesterday, you'll see us all on telly. It sounds like you're all having a fab time - enjoy Paris!

Love Mum and Lola

Marguerite Ruickbie

Hi there Amy,
Gosh it's so quiet here but Friday will come along very quickly - too quick for you probably Looking forward to hearing all about the trip and seeing the photo's. If you can send us a message to let us know how you are getting on. Paris today, lucky you- ENJOY Not been in your room yet - trying to work up the energy.
Love u lots Mum xx

Martin Murray

Message for Daniel Igoe.

Hiya Daniel. Hope you are having a great time. I had an argument with your doorstep on Friday and your mum had to administer First Aid. My nose is all bruised and swollen - gave my mum a right fright!
Weather has been awful here so you haven't missed anything (although Lauren is definitely missing you!)
Looking forward to seeing you soon,
Love Martin xxx

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