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May 18, 2006


Scott Kelly

bonjour Igoe, Walton et Stevie, cava. How's the weather and if there's a pc there then go on msn. wubu2?
i might phone yous later if i cba lol. On thursday at the youth games we couldn't even score a goal, btu we did draw 1 game lol.
all of youz are gone up the eiffel tower, you'll be walking half the way up i hope, oj. have you eaten any snails yet. hope youz ave a good time. cya in a week.
from Scott Kelly

dean mc

ca va je m'appelle dean.
je treize ans.

hello its dean what have you all been up to. hope you are all havin a good time in france. tell miss leroux she gave us too much work for french wot are igoe and walton up to havin a nice time a hope see ya all later.

au revoir!

gemma baxter

Bounjour cava?
Je m'appelle Gemma
Hiya every1, hope uz r havin a gd time !!
Fiona howz yu cany wait till ye cum bak lol
wot have uz been doin and hav u ate any frogs legs or snails x x x
Au Revoir x

ca va?
je'mappelle christie
Hi sarah and fiona
have u eaten frog legs or sanils!?!
when are use goin shopping??
use r so lucky we r stuck ere doin work?
hope u have a gid time!!!

mikey jones

bonjour , Igoe Walton nd Steve n the other folk there. What have yous been doing ? Are yous going to eat any frogs legs or snails ? Celine is givin us way to much work!!! lol she gave us aboot 5 pages on fri lol. Hope yous enjoy it au revoir !!

Emma Rathband

bonjour cava..?? Je m'appelle Emma!!!

Mon classe est 2C3!!

To Melissa and Amy!

Has Melissa eaten eny snails yet..???

Have you been to the Eiffel Tower yet and do frogs legs really taste like chicken??

Have you pushed enyone of the Eiffel Tower yet???

Have you been to La louvre where the Davinci Code was filmed..???

Have you been shopping enywhere good or been to the beach yet...??

Did you stuff ur face on the bus and felt sick lol..???

Hope i c u soon lol

Au Revoir C u in 3rd year!!!!!!!

Michael Hutchinson

Bonjour, Walton, Igoe, Steve an ol u other folk how was the bus ride?
When are you goin to the eiffel tower? Tasted any french food yet? Celine has gave us lods and lods o' work, no very fun! Lol, bet uz r happy. Have a nice time, see uz when ye come back.
Au Revoir!

Julia Ferguson

bonjour ca va?
je'mappelle julia!
Hiya sarah and fiona to i bet the bus trip was good lol.Was there any tears this time (Fiona) OJ? Have you been up the Eiffel Tower yet??? Or have you ate any frogs legs or snails?LOL.have you been to any shopping centers herd you were going site seeing. FUN FUN FUN !!
Hope you have a gd time lots o luv fi julia xxx
Au revior

Fiona Morris

Bonjour Clare
Hope you have recovered from your long journey and enjoying your trip.
How u enjoying the food??
Have a fab time.
Hope your coping with the one arm!!
Everyone sends their love.
See I can still say a few french words.
Au revoir

Heather Wallace

Hi Rowan & Glenn, Hope you survived the journey and didn't eat all your food before you got as far as Newcastle! Hope you're having a fabulous time in Normandy.

Remember not to take too long in the shower Glenn!

Mum xx

Lynn Myles

Bonjour Sophie,

Ca va?
Glad to hear the ferry was okay. Enjoy your stay at the chateau before the Paris adventure. I'll keep an eye on your progress via the net. Lola misses you

Love mum x

sara black

hi ppl if us ave time n der is a computer der plz go on msn ... wht is da weather like lol n wht ave us bn up 2 skl is well quiet now

miss ya


Hi Fiona and Sarah,
Hope you are both ok and enjoying yourselves
How's the weather?
Fiona I hope you haven't worn all these clothes yet!!!!!

Mhairi Dalglish

Hi Mhairi,

Great news about Andrew. He is walking and eating normally. Making fantastic progress. Now important stuff! Coronation Street - David's been sending the cards (maybe)That's what we are being led to believe!

Love and xxx

Mum and Dad.

Alan Myles

Bonjour Sophie, ca va?
Hope the ferry journey was okay - not too tired after that long trip?
Forget the frogs' legs and snails - it's the pain au chocolat that are the best!
Have a brilliant time - can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.
Lots of love
Grandpa and Fiona

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