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May 25, 2006


Heather Wallace

Hi Rowan & Glenn, sounds like you've had a ball at the Parc. Happy shopping at Cité Europe. I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow morning. Not so sure about the (washing & ironing)x2 but then I guess that's my fault for having twins! Have a safe trip home to sunny Musselburgh.

Mum xx

Ewan Cameron

Hi Greg

Hope you still have some money left to spend now that you are at the shops again. Did you spend lots on photos of the rides you went on yesterday? Your Mum, Jamie & Caitlin have asked me to remind you to make sure you have a small present for them. Me I'd like a big, big , big bar of chocolate if you can manage it!


Gill Melrose

Sarah and Fiona

More shopping ... can you manage it!!!!? Looking forward to seeing you both tomorrow and hearing all about the trip. Alfie is going to go mental when he sees you Sarah so beware! We've told Rachael that she is having to get up at 4am to come and get you and she didn't even complain. Chances of getting her out of her bed are nil though!! Still, it's the thought that counts eh. Any way, safe journey home to you all and see you very soon.


Andrea Walton

Hi Steven and Daniel

Well Steven, if you haven't bought me something nice and expensive before now, you better get it soon as this is your last chance. You could always get me something as well Daniel if you feel the urge (joking). Steven, if you haven't got much money left, then leave out the others and just remember your mother (who does everything for you).

Hope you and Daniel are well and have survived "living together" for a week. Daniel, now you know what it feels like to live with Steven every day and you will understand why I am always so grumpy every morning when you see me !!!!!!!!

Well, hope you have a safe journey and a safe ferry crossing and look forward to seeing you bleary eyed tomorrow morning.

Missing both of you loads. Getting to my work far too early everyday cos I am not doing taxi duty.

Well not long. Speak to you both soon.

Bye for now

Mum and the rest of the Walton clan

christine schaffer

Message for Heather Schaffer
Hi, I wonder and hope that you still have money left for this final French shopping spree. We are all really looking forward to having you back home as we have missed you lots. Love from Mum, Dad, Emily and Suzie

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