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May 22, 2005


Jade in Danz

Hiya kristi we wanan c a pic of u lol


hi kristi, its rach b wot u up 2 hope ure havin a great time say hi to everyone fir me luv ya loadz xxx


Hi Danny
Good news Ranges have just won the league at Easter Road. Dad is staying to take photos of them lifting the cup and is going to send them to you (I think dad and Kris will be the only Hibees watching that haha). Celtic got beat 2-1 by Motherwell. Motherwell scored in the 90th minute.

Scott Paterson

Hi Laura, Hibs are in Europe!!! Elsewhere the smaller clubs reuslts as Follows :
Aberdeen 2 Hearts 0, Motherwell 2 Celtic 1,
Hibs 0 Rangers 1.
This means that Rangers win the league.

Jackie Perry

Hi, Gillian,
Texted Lori, Paisley won 6 nil. Thanks for the phone call, lucky you caught us, forgot to say we had been at the cabin. The floor looks great. love from us all xxx.

Rebecca Paterson

hiya laura!!!!!!!!!!
hope your having a great time.did u get all 5 of ma notes?!
hibs are in europe, horay!!!
read about your ipod podcasty thing in the paper


hi emz saw laura today her coat has grown something to do with the fire brigade last night but its ok eileen said she has got the same coat in WHITE for benidorm lol lots of love the smiths flynn and her coat

Janette Marr

Hi Ruaraidh

Hope you're enjoying the trip. Rangers won the championships you'll be pleased to know. I miss you!

Love Mum


hiya 2 kristi mel cat gillian tasha nd lauren hope uz r havin a gr8 time rangers won the league uz were lucky coz celtic got beat by motherwell get a pic of uz 6 up on the net plz luv uz all sezzle xxxxxxxx

rach f

hiya andi, kirsten, nicola, rachel, and kristi moffat, send us some pics of u on da net pleaz!! hope uz r having fun! lov rach xx

mr burns looks like a farmer in his costume!!


yo 2 uz all. get sum picz of uz up on da net plz!




Owrite jamie and kyle hope ur havin a good time av already told u a boot the football but this is to jamie that i'll score 2morrow and get us to the final were u can play in and that henke's playin right=back in ur place. cya soon Caz


a wiz @ the game on sunday. its was quality. hibs were awful but it doesn't matter coz we r in europe.horay.

Ruaraidh's mum

Hi ruaraidh just to say I love you loads and loads and can't wait to see you again. love mum xxxxxx


yo ruiraidh Marr

we lost in the seton tournament and we also lost to Dunbar 2-1.Hope ure havin a gid time in Paris. We got ally(coach) a strip and all signed it gd bye.

cya l8r m8 Fi ure best m8 lewis


Deeny & jo

hiya mel,cat,jinky,bubz,tarty tasha and kristi.
How is the party.Is the weather gd?
R u enjoyin ure selfs?
No got any gossip. LOL
missin use loadz (fi Nadine)Hope to c u on Friday night (u no wat i meen)
Luv use loadz
c u wen u come hame
Luv DEENY and jo


HAAAAAA love the message fi ur mum rooooory.super cool.HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.sorry.dinni bother coming back coz a dinni lyk yis.bye


Hey people hope you are having a great time See ya Soon Emma Smith Fi soph xxxx


hiya lynne,sarah,kelsey,rachel v,alice,rachel s,kyle,jamie,daniel p,an any1 a missed lol hope ya havin fun am no ashleys bullyin me lol she has stained ma face lol :)
wot ya bn up 2 hows da weather ( its bn roasty toasty ova here lol )
wot ya bn eatin ova der lynne lol :) c ya sn luv ya bye XxXxXxXxX LAUR xXxXxXxX

kirsty t

hi Rachel.s. how r u doin,how r the frogs legs,what did u dress up as.I seen the photos of the teachers dressed up they looked weird and i saw the photo of u all playing football,did u win?
hope u r havin a great time ,have fun at the theme park
luv kirsty




Hiya Rachel,Gemma,Alice,Rachel,Lynn,Kelsey,Sara,Kyle,Jamie n da rest o ma hunis hope ur all havin fun n not pukin up afta yesterdays snails LOL.Hope da disco was fun n Rachel plz fone me I need sum gossip n U no wat I mean lol!!! We'r all missin u lot loads call us 2nite Bubi hunis MWAH MWAH xXxXxXxXxXxXx
Jill xXxXxXxXxXxXx

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