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May 22, 2005


roger & linda

Hi Mal
Dundee Utd won and Dundee drew - so they'e relegated YESS Dad went to the Livvy-Dundee game with Gordon (MAMA) but the ground was full.

Mum Dad & Seumas went to 'Copacabana' last night.

Hope your day off is going well. Your sunflowers have all germinated (ie they're growing)

Dani and Jade

Hope ur havin a good time xxxx
Danielle and Jade xx

Jade in Danz

Hiya Kristi its us ( again ) lol we r missing ya and we hope that the trip is good. p.s plz bring us bak baguettes
and plz write bak to us>.


You have a biggish splash in today's Express (with pics of Amy & Alison and lots of quotes from Mr M, Hassan, Nicole and Amy and Alison) - looks great and seems pretty accurate. Stars, eh?

Sheila Duffner

Hi Jamie, todays results Rangers 1 Hibs 0, Celtic 1 Motherwell 2, Aberdeen 2 Hearts 0, so Rangers win the championship and hibs are in europe!!!! Musselburgh Windsor won 5-2. mum & kelly x x


u dont no how happy i am
Come on the gerz man lol!!!
Hiya kristi from Jadepoo lol


Come on da gerz ur gettin well slagged kristi lol xxxxxx

Hey Steph & Yvonne, how ya doin? Hop yer avin fun!
Missin u guyz!
Fi Chloe & Sophie!!!


Well caitlin hope u have had better day then Celtic hopefully they can pick themselves up for the cup final on Saturday.


Hi Caitlin, dad here, hope your having a great time, miss you, see you soon.xxx


Hiya em!
Hope ur havin a gd time! No missin u at all - well mayb a wee bit! I remembered 2 tape footballer's wives 4 u so dnt worry. Im sure u'l luv Paris. C u on friday!!
Luv li xxxxxxxx

p.s. Mr Burns - come bak soon! Im gonna fail otherwise!!

Steven and Lesley

Hi Dan,
Glad to see that you are all enjoying yourselves. Weblog is good for info, but the Big Brother cameras are even better. Watch out! Just to let you know that you and your pals are right, the Chateau was on Most Haunted!!!
Have fun,
Mum, Dad, Abbie and Niamh

grant and jill

we both miss you awfy muchness but the house is tidy hugs + kisses america here we come


yo kyle cumon the hibs we're goin 2 europe, a wiz at the game it wiz quality, a ran on the pitch at the end and gers trashed our goals. we're all goin 2 europe na na na na, na na na na !!

Susan and Andrew

Hi Nicola,
Hope you arrived safely in Paris. The web blog is great, we can see some of the things you have been upto. No pics of your happy band of pirates though!
Missing you and your chattiness like crazy.The house is just too quiet! Have fun.
Lots of love Mum Dad and Kirsty xxxx

Mum, Dad and Kris

Hi Danny

Hope you're having a great time. Make the most of the next 3 days (not that I'm counting). Looking forward to Friday. Take care

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