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May 15, 2005



This sounds very exciting, and fits in well with a project I'm running - supported by RGS-IBG grant - called GeoBlogs. Check out the page. With your permission, I'd like to add the details of your field trip, and will certainly be logging on to check on progress.
Excellent idea and fits in well with my personal area of collaborative online projects.
GeoBlogs (AKA Alan Parkinson)

Laura Campbell

Hi I am just asking is it nice out in Paris hope the weather is nice have you seen the tower yet if you have is it nice? I am from Dunoon Grammar School.

Karin Reid

Hi I am from Dunoon grammar andI am just wondering what the weather is like in Paris.
It is raining hear in Dunon .Have you been up the tower yet? hope use are haven a great time.

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