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February 06, 2005



I am looking forward to Park Astrix. I dont want to wear trunks when were swimming. And I dont know if i am looking forward to the bus trip or not.


I am looking forward to shopping. It's so not fair that we are only allowed to take TWO pairs of shoes!!!!!!! Hello!!!!!!!!!


I am least looking forward to travelling on the coach for a long time because i get travel sick!!! I am most looking forward to going to park asterix because i love rides!!! I am kind of looking forward to going to Notre Dame Cathedral because i have never been to a cathedral before and i am interested in going there. I am also looking forward to eating frogs legs!!! (some people say they taste just like chicken)


I am looking forward to visiting the Eiffel Tower, although I am scared I might fall off. I am also looking forward to going to the Notre Dame and seeing The Hunch Back he will be pleased to see me. I am also looking forward to the shopping. I not a big fan of boats.

andi rendle

hey im lookin forward 2 this trip

kelsey c

i am well lookin forward to dis trip i have just seen the pics and they look superb stuff goin on that rollercoaster behind the teachers but we'll see hopefully :)
i will sleep on the coach ZZZZZZzzzzz
oops its goin to be so good being with all ma friends
i'll miss my mum :(

kelsey c

oh and my wee sis
and daddy luv ya all

Gemma McP + Rachel V

We hav just been on http://www.parcasterix.com/som.htm
and it has kl videos of the rides + they lk really scary. lol ONLY 13 DAYS 2 GO WOOOO HOOOO Ya hooligan

Sarah McC

Hey all canny wait till a go i m sooo looking forard it be superb wi all ma m8s:-)
ill mss ma family lodz :-(
c ya xcxc

Sarah McC

wanna say hi to all ma budz dat r going 2 france canny wait am gonna have a hoot oi a time

Laura B

hi y'oll,

I am sooooooooo looking forward to going to France (only 4 days to go!):) I am a bit bummed that we have to go to skool on the wednesday :( but it'll be worth it coz we'll be leavin at night so I can say goodbye to my friends b4 I go. I am really looking 4ward coz I have never been to France or a theme park so i hope I have a good time lol.
from Laura


Hiya Everyone!
Can't wait till we go to france(only 3 dayz to go)
It'z goin to be brilliant im not really bothered about the trip there and back it will be quite funny i think.Im reli lookin forward to park asterix:D from Gillian(Jinky)xxx

hello, how are you ? We want you answer at our questions in french please ! In Normandy the weather is very good ! And you in Scotland ? bye bye Elyse, Aurély Laëtytia and Alexander

Elyse, Aurély, Laëtytia and Alexander (college de Périers)

hello, how are you ? We want you answer at our questions in french please ! In Normandy the weather is very good ! And you in Scotland ? bye bye Elyse, Aurély Laëtytia and Alexander...

Claude Marine Amélina de périers

hello how are you? you get a lot of chance by to come in France. you will see paris is very beautiful!!! we're very desapointed because you don't come to see us. the normandy is not very good but you will go perhaps you will like!!! the parc of disneyland is very childish but it's very funny. we say a good trip and a good weathers!!! bye kisssss


Salut Shaipe, comment ça va?


sulut est-ce que vous pouvez nous répondre


Hello, I always don't have an answer. You have very chance to see "le Parc Astérix". Goodbye

Emilie, Elisa, Tiphaine de Périers

hello how are you?Do you like french architectur? good travel!!! bye

Chloé / Périers

Hi! You're lucky to travel with your classe! We don't have a travel, or just perhaps "le puit du fou", it's a attraction park in France about Middle Ages.
so good travel !!!

Ingrid and Valentine de Périers

hi!how are you ? you are lucky to come in France because we would like to go in england ! I hope ypu amuse in France !!!

Sheila D

Hi wee man, bus journey over hope it wasnt too long for you all. Let me know how your doing, Mum x

Kirsty S

Yooo-hoooo, Laura!
How are ya? Did you have fun on the looooong journey to the chateau. By the way, I seem to remember you mentioning buying me scoobi-doos at christmas (I have a good memorey where gifts are involved!)
By the way, watch out for Mr McIntosh teaching people how to pick pockets. Yes, 'saintly' Mr McIntosh is a theif!
PS. Remember the scoobi-doos

Mr Hewson

I'm gorgeous, me!

No, not pick-pocketing you tried to pick pocket me you thief!

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