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May 23, 2004


laura and davy

Bonjour tous le monde

David C
Greetings from sunny Musselburgh. Sounds like you are all having a great time. Photos are excellent - dont suppose it was too hard to get a clear picture of the fruit and veg stall without any kids in front of it!!
David did you try the frogs legs?
Have a good day at the Chateaux, good luck in the Olympics - DON'T BREAK ANY BONES!!!!
Knock em dead MGS!!!
Off to B and Q (again) Lucky us!! Bet you wish you were here David!! (NOT)
Speak soon, mum and dad

judy hamilton

hi tom & all,hope you all enjoy the day at the chataeu, i bet you wished you'd taken the speedos tom. great site and pictures are fab, nice sunglasses tom.hope you didnt od on the cider & french cuisine last nite. we're all out for a picnic later with granny & grandpa, its hot &sunny here too.missing you, love mum paul &ella xxx

Dear All

The photos are fantastic, as are the regular updates but it sound like you all desrve a break from your hectic schedule! I'm sure you'll all do us proud in winning the Molay Olympic competitions and if you come second I'm sure you'll have enjoyed the taking part. Have a great day!

Blue skies to Lene from Mum, Dad and Marei!

Angela and Norman

Hi there Kirsty
Your dad and I are getting ready for the off. It is absolutely gorgeous here. I hope it is just as nice there. Remember the sun cream!!!!!!!
The cleaners have been and gone and your room is now show-house material. Personnally I thought the environmental protection gear was a bit over the top but I expect they know what they're doing. We left your Gran in charge and you won't believe how big your room looks now. She kept your diaries in a safe place though - just as well she didn't bring her reading glasses.
My imagination does not stretch to what you might be doing in the olympics. Is dancing one of the events? Don't tire yourself out trying to win any medals. As if!
Hope you enjoyed the party last night. It certainly sounds like you are all having fun. Does Paris know what's coming?
Take care sweetheart
Lots of love
Mum and Dad


Dear people in france
hope the weathers good.
tell polly: Votre mere etait un hamster, et votre pere sentait des baies de sureau.
tell Mr burns: i dont know anything about the NHS.
rock on

Anne Wyllie

Hi Mark
Hope you are having a great time.Hope your weather is as good as ours back home.Enjoy your
fancy dress party tonight.Look forward to hearing
about the frogs legs and snails if you try them.
Enjoy Paris.
Mum, Dad and Steven

Hi Morag

I am just back from the weekend away at Seahouses with Gill and I thought I would check up on you!

You all look like you are having such a good time over there. Will you really want to come back to ordinary school?!!! It is great being able to see the pictures, although it does make me miss you more than I thought I would because I am enjoying the peace and quiet!

Today I got sunburnt even with sun cream, so I hope you are remembering to put on LOTS of cream so you come back a nice golden brown and not tomato red!

Keep having heaps of fun
Love Mum xxxxxxxxxx

mikey n linz

hi people!!!
hope you's are enjoying yourself!!! please tell us wen we are allowed to phone you (cough cough kirsty and craig) me and linz are missing you's alot!! luv you's loads!!!!

love from mikey n linzi xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Looks like it's a great time for the Musselburgers in France - Paris better watch out. Have a great time Alex - try sleeping occasionally!

susie stitt

hi chloe, i´m missing you lots. mum and dad are being a right pair of pests. me and dad went in the pool today and mum lay at the side like a basking whale. i´ve bought you a trendy pressie . and i hope you were ok at the fancy dress and not too nervous..... luv luv luv susie stitt( your wee sis) XXXXXXX


hi evry1
hope u all enjyd fncy dress n iona hd great b'day
hope u got sum fotos so i cn c wat evry1 dressed up as n laugh at ther costumes!!
lookin 4ward 2 seein u on friday!!
luv becca xxxxxxx

The Simpsons

Hi Kirsty S,
Found the site OK. weather gorgeous here. Hope the same where you are. Kept you a piece of dads birthday cake. Hope you have fun in Asterix Land (and you're brave enough to go on the big dipper!!) Mum says to slap on the sunscreen and have a wonderful time.

Brenda Dougie & Michael Williams

Hi Graham
Hope you all have a great time in Paris, the forecast is very good for the whole week there. So remember the sun tan lotion and enjoy the wonderful sights.
Love from Mum Dad and Michael xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rachel Scott

Hi Cal
Sorry that we missed your phone call but we
have been at the caravan all weekend.
I just remembered Andy and Steven were at their
caravans too. Whats it like in France?
I am missing you loads (not!)
Did you eat frogs legs and snails. Mum says remember your sun cream.
love Rachel

mum,dad and rachael

Hi Sian
Hope you got dressed up last night,bet it was a great laugh,did you get Tom dressed as a school girl then?The weather here has been fantastic.
What about the frogs legs then bet you weren't brave enough to try them.
We are all missing you and can't wait till Friday.
Give me a ring if you get the chance and try and get some sleep.
Love you millions

Keith McKenzie

Hi Lauren , I am home in one piece from the golf holiday. Feeling very tired. Was sound asleep when you phoned this morning. Mum tells me you are having a great time. Hope you don't expect to get frogs legs for tea when you come home. Hope you won the Olympics today. Have a good journey to Paris. Mum is getting worried about you going on that big rollercoaster.Have fun and see you on Friday. Love Dad xxxx


Hey Rosie thanks for phoning. Great to see you in some of the pics hope you enjoyed your day off. Bet your looking forward to getting to paris and seeing the sights. We're having a jolly old time here, Grandma popped in for a nice visit(we'll say no more but she had us in hoots) From Ally, Mum and Dad

"Auntie Joan"

Hi Lauren

Hope you are having a great time - also hope the party went well last night and you had great fun - you will be pleased to know your Dad is home safe and well and looking VERY brown!!
The weather here has been lovely - hope it's the same where you are!!
I miss seeing your wee face over the garden fence and can't wait too see you and get all your news!!
Iggy has a couple of photos to show you -you'll find them REALLY funny!!
Take care and have fun!
Jenni says to tell Mr Burns she said HI!!

Love & hugs
"Auntie Joan" xoxoxoxoxoxo


Bonjour, how r u all? I hope u r all having a great time. Did anyone eat snails or frogs legs?
ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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