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May 20, 2004


robert brown

Thank you for keeping the site updated. This is a superb facility and I will be checking your progress on a regular basis.

Dougie Williams

Hi Graham. How was the crossing? We're looking forward to seeing some photos tonight.

Neil McClelland

I thought seeing that old passport was cool! How did you get it?

jim montgomery

first post to comment on an excellent site - great idea

Rebecca Carradice

Hi Sian, Kirsty, Steph, alex, rach, Iona, Rosie, Kelsey, Julie, Shorty, Michelle, Claire and evry1 else!

U all ok? missin u. u enjoyin ureselvs so far? ill fone u 2nite, steph anser ur fone!!!! luv u all loads from becca c xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lisa Collins

Hiya every1 !!! Hope ur all avin fun! Soz i didnt come an say bye but i am lookin forward 2 u guys cumin back already!!!! Sian an Iona text me every day. ok? I will send u guys an e-mail again the morn durin mod studs. lv u loads lisa xxxxxxxxxxx

S3 German Class

Viel Spass in Frankereich! Wir wollten mitfahren aber wir sind zu alt. Carla Brown, Kimmy MacLaughlan, Annie Tait, Liam Smart, Jamie Ward, Alistair Barkley, Natalie Johnstone, Kelly Sinclaire und Frau Tyler sagen, "Hallo!!" Annie und Liam vermissen Frau Craigie in Englisch! Tschus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxox

Keith McKenzie

Hi Shorts

Good to see you got there safely. I am just back from the golf - last again! Lounged about in the sun this afternoon and will probably get sunburnt - mind and put your sun cream on. Keep in touch and don´t drink too much wine !!!

See you soon ...

Robert Virtue

Mr Brown where is the wind chime materials for your class!!!!!

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