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May 09, 2004



Yes, I think I will enjoy the trip. The best part will probably be Park Astrix. I will probably let Mr McIntosh speak most of the French. I will say a little bit. I don't think that I'll get homesick.

Je pense que le voyage en France sera tres longe et mais tres heureaux.

Mr Mc.

Let Mr McIntosh speak most of the French for you? Are you kidding? William, you're going to be doing all the speaking for me!

Vivien Bruce

Je suis sûre que vous vous amuserez bien en France. J'ai déjà visité cette région, et c'est très intéressant!

Matthew Quin (posted by Mr McIntosh)

Je ne suis pas nerveux parce que j'adore manger. J'ai deja essaye le toast melba et les escargots. Je voudrais essayer la nourriture locale, et les jambes de grenouille.

I am not nervous because I love to eat. I've tried snails and French toast. I'd like to try the local cuisine, especially frogs' legs.

Mr Mc.

The last couple of posts have been by pupils from 2M, whose preparation on the monuments they are going to see can be seen on the main mgsOnline website:


Go here to see all the background to the trip.

Miss Malcolm

Hi everyone!
Hope the journey's been OK and you've all arrived safe & well.
Have a great time and post all your news soon - members of 2C2, looking forward to a few quieter mornings (Tom!)

laura and davy

Great site keep it going ! Hope no one was too sea sick and you all got some sleep (especiallly the teachers). Cant belive how quite it is here with no one knocking on the door (Kelsey,Sian and Terry etc.) David let us know how things are - I take it you have some health food left !!

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