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May 26, 2004


Anne Wyllie

Hi Mark
Hope you had a great day at the parc. On the whole it sounds like you have had a great time. Look forward to seeing you on Friday. Hope you all have a safe journey home. It never seems so long on the way back. I'm sure you will have plenty to tell us when you see us about the goings on during the trip.
Love Mum Dad & Steven

Carol White

Hiya Claire

Its been great being able to keep tabs on you while going about Paris. Photos look great cant wait to hear all your news.

The weather has been kind to us hear all suntaned!I hope you have enjoyed your last supper together and have recovered from the rides at parc Asterix.

Safe journey home to all and will see you bright and early on Friday.

Lots of Love Mum Dad & Ems

Ps your papers are waiting for you.

Heather Brown

Hi Steph,
I bet that you were on that big roller coaster, we heard you screaming on the web-cam.
Enjoy your last day tomorrow, we hope that you all have a safe journey home. See you Friday morning, the key will be under the mat, dont wake us up till youve made our breakfast.
Lots of Love, Mum, Dad & Jamie

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