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May 22, 2004



Alright Al? Didn't see your picture at the Bayeux Tapestry, were you there? Did see the back of your head in the picture with Mr Burns. Hugo and Milly send their regards.

Amie C

Hey julie, r u havin fun? Me and B are havin a great time without u!! the fotos look cool cept it looks kinda cold. U better have got me a pressie already!! u can buy another one if u want :) enjoy the fancy dress, dont have 2 much 75p wine! mum will b checkin up on u again tomoz so u better behave! Amie :)
ps: ur missin a big mental party at Auntie Vs on Sunday, gutted


hiya cat what have u been up to.
is france good i bet u r having a good time
what did u dress up as ? i have seen a lot of pics of u tell lindsay that i said hi . u r lucky that u did not fly because the french airport as colapsed so u were better going by bus . i hope u get back safe unless the boat sinks orbus crash fi me

denise,kenny and susie stitt

hi chloe(and everyone on the trip), just about got the hang of this antique majorcan computer.its a bit slow to say the least. we have finallyseen the photos and they are terrific.you all look so happy (and chloe you have a smile and some colourinyour cheeks).glad that your all having agreat time. see you friday morning.love mum dad and the sun-tanned pest.xx

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