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May 02, 2004


Graham (redirected by E McIntosh)

We are planning on speaking French because we will be going to shops and restaurants and asking for food and other items.

Oui, nous avons plannifie de parler Francais parce que nous allons aller aux restaurants et aux magasins et demander la nourriture et les autres articles.

Stevan Gallacher

i hope your french is better than mine.Good luck!

kirsty smyth

what do you think will happen if you get lost? What will you do?!

Natasha Lamont

Do you get your fredon or do you stay close together? Do you know what to do if you get lost?

Daniel Llewellyn

What are your contingency plans if you get lost in Paris? Bye!

kirsty smyth

do you think you would be able to survive for one day without mr mcintosh?

Hollie Gallagher

how much money do you have to pay to go on the trip and how much money did you take to spend and what are you planning on buying?

Mum and Abbie


Missing you already!!!!!!
Thanks for the big cuddle before you got on the bus!!!!!!!



Let Kirsty and Chloe do all the talking !! hee hee


I know kirsty and chloe and they know weedman so they know who i am I hope they are having fun!!
bye bye

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