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May 28, 2004



Fabby pics - fabby site - green with envy. How will school seem now?


WWWOOOOOHHHOOOOO!!!!that woz blimin amazin!!!the trip bak woz the worst trip ov all but still prety cool.da best day woz probz parc asterix but the towa woz sweet.lmao and the fancy dress:Phope ya'll had a gr8 tym(a ken u did mikey:P), n ill probz cya on monday!!thanx mr mac, mr brown ms boville, ms craggie n mr burns n last but not least....JOHN!!!CYA:p

Callum Scott

Trip was absoulutely AMAZING.Thanx 2 mr mac,mr brown,mr burns, ms craigie and ms bovil and especially John the bus driver. Best day was easily parc asterix.Hope everyone enjoyed themselves, i did.See u all on Monday

polly la petite lutin

well, france was gr8, i should hav taken my little book of foriegn swear words though... so i shall take advantage of this opertunity to say....

Je vous avez pris pour un leche de pigeons!!

dont worry, its not verrrry offensive. probs only mr. mac'll understand!
see you all soon!!!

ps - @ least i had an excuse not 2 eat snails and frog legs ;o)

thanks guys


Hi everyone.

The trip was amazing. I got a stomach bug(lucky me) but I feel much better now.
Paris and Normandy were great. My favourite bit was going to the top of the Eiffel Tower and going to the biggest perfume shop in the world.
Thanks to all the teachers for looking after me yesterday and making me feel better
to Luke-thank you for cheering me up and yes:I did get Return of the King.
see you all on Monday


hay every1!!!!!!!!!

I had an brill tym on da french trip, I'd say dat parc asterix was my fave but goin up the eiffle tour i'll never forget. Thanx 2 evry1 4 making it such fun, your all amazing (mad, but amazing!) and i hopw evry1 had a good a tym as me!

Ta 2 all the teachers and john 4 putting up wi us

David C

Hey dat ws the best time eva. Cheers 2 all the teachers and John hope he logs on and sees dis. The eiffel tower and parc asterix was da best bits of the trip. Cheers 2 mikey graham 4 makin the drive home a funny one. C u all on monday.

Ali B

Thanks to all the teachers, especially Mr Burns who is a super group leader, for organising a really successful trip. I particularly enjoyed Parc Asterix and the Eiffel Tower. Well done to Mr McIntosh for providing a great website.

Graham Williams

Thanks to all of the teachers for organising the trip, especially to Mr Mac for setting up this website. Another big thanks to John, the bus driver. My favourite parts of the trip were parc asterix and the eiffel tower. The chateau and the hotel were great places to stay aswell. Can't wait to get my photos developed!


Hey evry1!!
The france trip was absolutely amazin!! Thanks a lot 2 all the teachers and John for puttin up wi us!! The whole time was brill, but the chateaux was the most fun, and paris was the best place. Parc Asterix was the best day and the best night was when we went 2 the eiffel tower!! Thanks to MR Mac for a gr8 website, and lettin evry1 back home get in touch wi us!!


I had a brill time in france and i would like 2 say a big thanx 2 all the teachers for organisin a brill trip. Parc asterix was probs the best day and the best night was goin up the Effel tower. I would also like 2 say thanx 2 John the bus driver and Mr mac for a gr8 website.


France was amazin! Thanx 2 all the teachers and john the bus driver 4 takin us everywhere! The eiffel tower was gr8. Parc asterix was the best day.


France was FANTASTIC. I would like to say thanks to all the teachers and not forgetting John who had to put up with all our shouting on the bus.I had a great laugh in France and it was an experiance of a life time.I enjoyed the chateau and the fancie dress was a great laugh. Going up the Eiffel tour was a great way to spend the night and it was something id always wanted to do.
Parc asterics was AMAZING. I went on the big rollercoaster twice,it was fab and gladly it was noware near as scary as i thought it would be.
Thanks again for a great trip it was fantastic and a truely unforgettable experience that i wouldnt mind repeating over and over. fi Shorty x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x


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