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May 22, 2004


Mr Wood

Hope the trip is going well guys, certainly sounds like everyone is having a ball!
I'd like to hear some thoughts of the pupils on their experience of the Normandy Beaches and Bayeaux Tapestry.
As for fancy dress suggestions, I've always though Mr MacIntosh would make a great Harry Potter and Mr Burns is definately an arctic explorer (he'll know what I mean!!).

Have fun folks!

Mr Wood

Lynne Horn

I agree Ewan - I've only met you once and you're definitely Harry Potter


Lippy does quite a good scar - sure someone will have some! Don't forget your wand ......

gareth elms

To Lauren

i am at my anty Audrey's but i am missing you so much.I hope you are having a good time see you soon.

lots of love

Carolyn Barton

Are we going to get pictures of the Fancy Dress - Or was it just to scary to print?!!


Hi scooby hope you win fancy dress prize
daphne and shaggy send their best wishes.



Enough's enough. They'll be fine without you so you can get the next warp pipe home.

Your bad self


christopher dalziel

bonjour c'est chris comment ca va ? quel temps fait-il aujourd'hui? ou est-ce que vous avez visite aujourd' hui?

amy steedman

hi how ru kirsty have a nice shoe

declan brown

hi william have you hit on any french girls yet

amy steedman

that was not me sending that one about the shoe just ignore it it was dl mucking about coz he is a fool and annoyig he is laughing and doign it to declan to.

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