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May 21, 2004


mikey n linz

heeeheeeee!! Hi tom, craig, kirsty and mikey R we just thought we'd do this to say hi and thanks for normaning us! and that we miss you all loads, we love you's all loads and we hope you's all have a gr8 time!!! luv mikey T and linz R xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


hey evry1 - again!
hope u enjyd beach n stuff, if i dont write sumfin 2moz HAPPY BIRTHDAY IONA, n i hope u get dat nice cake tht mr brown promisd u ;) - hav a gd day!!
scools bin rubbsh wi out uz all!! its so quiet - iona, shorty, sian!!!!!!!!!!!!!

luv n missin uz all
becca xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dave Paton

ALRIGHT FOLKS!, how can you have a french trip without me saying something! yo all, hope Linzi's doing a lot of hand waving, hey to everyone who has a mullet, specially Tom. Oh, by the way, dont drink the water in the chatueau or however its spelt, its bad, and also, watch out for Mr Burns' morning knock, sounds like, well, someone gettin knocked out. Ill probably post more rubbish later on. Kisses for Tom! and anyone else who knows me


davy and laura

David C hope you are having a great time and will get a chance to send a messsage soon (mums paniking !!!).
Kim keeps looking for you - Jess has moved in to your room.
Im up this early cos mums come up with an other one of her great ideas for keeping me off the golf course on a day off.
Tried to explain to Gran M about this site - dont think she got it
speak to u soon


Morning Julie
Missing you hope you are having a good time. i am going to get ready for swimming lessons.

Abbie xxxxxx

mum,dad and rachael

morning sian
Been having a great time reading all the messages
wish you were here to show us how to use this
computer ha ha.Anyway darling still missing you
something terrible.Hope you are having a great time.Tess keeps looking for you.
We will send another message soon.
Love you millions

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