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May 22, 2004


Lynne Nicol

Hi Katie

Looks like you're having a great time. Hope the party went well. Weather here is fab and hot. What did you think of the tapestry - was it better than your needlework?
Tom had a great bowling party and the washing basket is noticeably emptier without you!
Hope you have a great day by the pool.

Mum, Dad and Tom

Mum, Dad, Ciara and Julia

Attn Michael Mackenzie

Sounds as if you're having a great time. Liked the photo gallery. Weather here has been great but I bet it's even hotter over there.
Hope you enjoyed the snails and frogs legs. Your mum had frogs legs once but fortunately now she has human ones, boom, boom!
Still missing you.

Mum, Dad, Ciara and Julia

Katie Nicol

Hi Katie
You look as if you are all having a great time how was the fancy dress? We have taped your progs.I have got Aunty Mau looking at the web site as well. Hope you enjoy Paree!! Love to Morag and Lene. Look forward to hearing all when you return.
Grandma & Granda


iona hope u had a nice b-day
missin u
luv megan

The Simpsons

Kirsty Simpson

Earweragin - howyadun ? We saw you on the photies - u seem to be havin a grate time. How's our spellin - do we pass the test ?



Aurélie, Sonia et Lydie

Nous sommes françaises et nous n'avons jamais mangé d'escargots et des cuisses de grenouilles.
Est-ce-que c'est bon?
Chez nous c'est normal de vendre des poulets vivants et des petits chiens, pas pour les manger, bien sûr!

A bientôt!
Aurélie, Sonia et Lydie

Lucie & Pauline

Hello, how are you today ?

We never have to eat frogs legs. It's horrible !
See you soon.


Bye Bye
Lucie & Pauline

Lorenzo Amoruso

Are the snails nice?

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