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May 20, 2004


Brenda Williams

Hi Graham, Blair and Alistair
Glad to hear you have arrived. Hope you all enjoyed your first meal in the Chateau. What is it like there and are there lots of French children?

Alistair Montgomery

Hi rosie hope you got our first message. Glad you've arrived safely, how do you feel after the long journey. Hope you have fun at the treasure hunt lol!!!!!! Look forward to hearing from you if you can fit it in!!!!
Love Ally, Mum and Dad

Anne Wyllie

Hope you had a good journey.Did you sleep on the bus.I'm sure your will enjoy the freedom of the garden at the chateau.Dad asks how you felt on the ferry crossing. Was it a smooth or rough sea.

marei  binnie

hi lene DONT miss you lots but mum does.
Sparky howeled for ten minutes looking for you this morning.big kisses from aunty Liz.
whats France like? is it hot? what's the food like?

love you lots marei


Yo Kirsty and Chloe hope you have fun.
I am sooooo not I am a big norman except my wonderful company with dl whenever that is lol!!
You's better eat a snail and frogs legs for me right!! man I sound cheesy so I am going to go now.

Lynne Nicol

Hi Katie

Hope your tummy has survived the ferry!

Its very quiet here, we're playing all your good CDs (not many to choose from) and have switched off your video so it won't tape all that rubbish you set it for. Haha, the power. By the way, Thomas has drawn all over your Nigel Harman posters. Just going to watch Robin's Nest!!

Love you and enjoy yourself.

Mum, Dad and Tom XX

donna davidson

hi rebecca,
hope you managed some sleep on the journey! good luck on the treasure hunt.the e-mail still isn't working so i'am sending this from graham and shona's they send lots of love,have a great time!
lot's of love mum,dad and murray xxx

emma white

Hay Claire

Glad you arrived safely and hope the journey
wasnt to bad. Missing you like mad!!! Good luck at
the treasure hunt hope you find lots of gold. Did you enjoy dinner!! I have been trying on clothes and testing out the stuff in your room.

Lots of love wee Sis, Mum & Dad xxxx


hey ppl! u all havin fun? hope the weathers gd 4 u! wot woz the ferry like? did ne1 puke lol. hope ur all wide awake wen u get back coz a few of us r finkin bout cumin 2 c u(at like 5 in the mornin);)it cud b fun lol

hav a good time we're all missin u already!:(
fi john

Elaine Clark


Glad to hear that you have arrived safely and survived the Ferry crossing. Have a great time, looking forward to seeing some photos



Hey Hey Rosie just to tell you your room has been officisly turned into a big crackin party room (soz bout the mess) and ive sold yer diaries on Ebay for a tenner.
Love Ally

Ciara Mackenzie

To Michael Mackenzie,

Hi Michael,

You're just missed the second-last episode of "Friends" or, as they say in France, "Amis".
Julia finally got the clap right!
I'm missing your already but enjoying playing on your PS2 and dad has shown me how to get into your bank.
Mum and dad or, as you say in France, Mamam and Papa, are both missing you but behaving okay.

Send a reply if you can,

Ciara XXXX

Ally (again)

Hey rosie again if you can send a reply anytime PLEASE DO we'd love to hear from you via e-mail or phone, cheers. See you l8r

Mr Connelly

I am pleased to here that you have arrived safely and that you are sampling the local delicacies. As part of your trip you will experience many stimulating and educational experiences. I feel your mathematics may suffer however so I have decided to challenge your powers of deduction, investigation and mathematical prowess. I will send you a number of challenges which will hopefully stimulate " the little grey calls".Question 1 Which famous detective said this?. Question2 What nationality was he? Question3.How many revolutions will the bus wheel make for each kilometer you travel. ( Working must be supplied). On your return you can give me your completed answers to the puzzles I will set and the person with the most correct answers will win a prize. The teachers may also try to tackle there question of the day. Teachers question. Who said " I think therefore I am" and in what area of mathematics is he especially remembered. Enjoy

rebecca carradice

kirsty, alex, rach, becca, claire, sian, shorty, steph..... evry1!

really missin u... dont no if u gt ma 1st msg bt heres anthr 1!! ill try fne u sum time ltr in da week. luv uz all!... say hi 2 evry1 n plz reply if u cn!!

becca xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rachel Scott

Hi Callum
Dont really miss you (well i miss you a teeny
bit) Playing with your stuff is going to be fun.
I hope you had a good time at the treasure hunt.
Hope you get some sleep tonight. Mum and Dad send their love
lots of love

christine paton

Glad trip was ok. sure you will sleep tonight.
Meg wondering where you are.Enjoy treasure hunt.
Remember not to dry your hands on the Bayeux Tapestry!
See you soon. luv u lots
Mum dad Meg Polly and the fish

rebecca carradice

p.s.!!! if ur gna reply - wich u beta!!!
click on my name undrneath!!!! cz den ill defnitly get it lv ya! ;-) *mwah*

Derek Brown

Hi Steph JJ,
Glad you arrived safely, Jamie's moved into your room, have you found mums notes yet?. We are all missing you, the house is very quiet and there is still food in the fridge, remember your sun screen and take care, lots of LUV The Broons.


I know who said "cogito ergo sum" if you're stuck.....
Have fun - and don't forget the shopping!

Tom & Jerry

Hi catherine,we're both missing you lots. Your Mum fed us tonight but we missed seeing you and hearing your gossip!! Everyone else says Hi and hope you're having a fab time, the house is very quiet without your strumming!

Lindsay Ritchie

Hi Lindsay
Glad to know you all arrived safely. Hope the journey wasn't too long. Have a great time. WIll miss you tonight.

Luv Auntie Moira

Lewis Noble

Lewis Noble

Hi my little scooby doo how are you? How was the bus and ferry journey? Hope you were'nt sick. Is the chateau nice? Really missing
you. Brenda's missing you as well.
Speak to you soon.

Love u Lots
Mum,Dad,Mark and Emma

ça va bien? Vous vous amuses bien?
Le ferry était comment? Qui avait le mal de mer?
As-tu bu du vin? As-tu mangé des escargots? As-tu parlé én français? Qu'est-ce que tu as visité et qu'est-ce que tu vas faire demain?
Au revoir
2m de mlle Morton

mum,dad and rachael

hi sian
I bet you enjoyed the breakfast all the things you like to eat eh?Rachaels enjoying sleeping in you bed ha;ha;We are all missing you like crazy.
You have a good time now.
love you millions darling


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