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May 24, 2004


Mo & Les Gals

Bonjour mon pere,

Mod Studs was ok, same q's came up as expected. Maybe messed up the DME a bit but it was ok.

Hope you're all enjoying Paris. Visit Galleries Lafayette for us!!

Remember Emma's mug from Parc Asterix!

Have a great time, lots of love Mo & Les Gals xx


Hi Rebecca,
Sorry we missed your phone call, you sound like you are having a great time! How is Paris the weather looks great we will be watching at 8pm to see if we can spot you, so remember to give us a wave (and hide your glass of wine!)
lots of love mum dad and murray xxx
PS e-mail fixed at last!!!!!!!

Anne Wyllie

Hi Mark
Just been watching the live cam on the seine. Lots of boats going up and down difficult to tell if any were you lot.Hope you are enjoying Paris. Your weather looks great.Not long now to the parc asterix the day you have been looking forward to the most.
Love Mum

The Broons

Hi Steph
Seen you on the boat tonight(not).Good to talk to you on phone today.Try to get some sleep tonight for all the walking you are doing tomorrow,you will love the champs al easy don't spend to much in those posh shops!!!.See you up the eifel tower tomorrow night.
take care
luv mum dad & jamiexxxx

Dad, mum, Ciara and Julia

For Michael Mackenzie,

Hi Michael,

Hope you are enjoying Paris and have had an eyeful of the tower. Photographs look great and glad to hear the weather is good for you.
House is quiet without you but we'll have a last Friends night on Friday if you can stay awake with pizza and popcorn.
Have fun at the Asterix parc.

Love Mum, Dad, Ciara and Julia

christine paton

Hi Iona,
you look as if you are having a wonderful time. Im back from my weekend with the oldies it was fun. Dad has been putting messages on the wrong place! him and technology dont go well!!. Try and stop hiding from the camera and let us see you please! Enjoy your walk tomorrow- watch that ankle! I heard that Beckham is going to sign for the Jambos- he wants to get away from football for a while. Meg says woof, polly says miaow, and the fish say - WHO?

brian paton

forgot to say
luv mum and dad

Carolyn Barton

Hi Morag

Granny had a look at the website tonight but she thought she got to a web site for Manchester Gammar School!?! I am going to her house for tea on Wednesday so tune in for a message from her, if you have the time!

Your room is tidy now but don't worry I threw nothing out!

Paris is such a great place to be - remember and take lots of pictures, the ones on the site are great but it is begining to take ages to download them on my cranky old machine, by the time the Paris pictures go on I think it will grind to a halt!

Love Mum xxxxxx


Cher Morag, the website is great,sounds as though you are having a super time, wish I was there! Look forward to seeing the photos when you get back. Hope you don't run out of Factor 20,
Beaucoup embrasses, votre gandmere Lesley xxx

mum,dad and rachael

hi Sian
Keep waiting to hear from you.Been on the net everyday,tryin to spot you in one of the pictures
you must be hiding everytime a photo is taken,as usual.
Went on the webcam last night to see if we could spot you but we could hardly see the boats never mind who was on them.
Everyone is lost without you darling.
Hope you are having a fantastic time,see you soon

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