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May 25, 2004



Hi Rebecca,
Paris looks good, you have packed a lot in to your trip,I hope you have saved some energy for the big roller coasters tomorrow!!Remember your suncream, how are the freckles coming on? Emjoy the rest of your trip can't wait to see you bright and early on Friday morning.
love mum dad and murray xxx


hi ppl

laura and davy

Hi David
glad to see the weather is great. Hope the hotel is OK. Nice to see that you actually went to see the sights in Paris this time !!
I'm sure you will all enjoy siitting on a boat today and a well earned rest for the teachers as long as no one goes for a swim.
Any caberet on the metro this time ?
Call if you can (mums paniking again)
From the photos remember you do have shorts in your bag
speak to you soon

Heather McKenzie

Hi Shorty

Nice to see you are not wasting your money on the phone !

Dad. Mum, Ciara and Julia

Attn: Michael Mackenzie

Hi Son,

Looks as if you are enjoying Paris. Be careful not to throw up your petit dejeuner at the Asterix Parc tomorrow. I've heard the rides are full of ups and downs.
Ciara and Julia are both missing you and can't wait for you to come back (with loads of presents!).

See you on Friday,

Mum, Dad, Ciara and Julia


Hi Rosie, hope you are still having a great time - sounds like you must be. Been checking up on your day - brilliant!! Have fun at Asterix tomorrow. We are all very jealous - your having too much fun while we are all stuck at home. Ally is missing you so much!!!! He can't wait to see you home (I hope you believe that). The house is so quiet without you - can't wait to see you back and hear all about it.
Love Mum, Dad and Ally xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

angela and norman

For Kirsty Murray
Bonsoir ma petite
Bons Souvenirs la Mer Du Nord
= greetings from the North Sea. The girl at reception who's "original French" helped with this. Had a lovely few days in transit and 2 bits of days in Brugge. Had a quick look at my higher French circa 1971 and was more than a little ticked off to find than Brugge was Flemish speaking not French. Still ce la vie as they might say in Brussels if not in Brugge.
Had 15 euros of fun checking out the website and I must say that we were surrounded by school trips of every language some of which were totally strange to me - probably Flemish but each one with exeptional English which puts us as a nation to shame. BUT every one impeccably behaved as I have every confidence you lot are. I saw so many Herr and Monsiour Macs trying to keep parties together I'm sure French kids went with the Belgians and German kids got mixed up with the Dutch. I would rather clean Musselburgh High Street with my tongue than take even 2 of you abroad.
At the risk of giving family secrets away Kirsty, did you walk round Paris saying What's the point all the time?
Love MUM

Callum Scott

Hi Callum
Just wondering if you are still on the trip. Had a look through the photo album but only managed to find you on one photograph at the beginning.
Dad says you are either camera shy or they have lost you along the way somewhere.
Enjoy the rest of the trip

Love Mum


how do i see the pic from the france trip

Laura and Kirsty

does Mr Brown always ware funny hats when he is teaching you?

Lisa Smart

Hope everyone had a lovely time in France! See you all soonxx

to callum scot tell mickey roy and tom that kris and mikey.T are planning to seceretly suprise everyone on friday morning when you all come back

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