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April 20, 2004



Greetings from Dunoon - hope to be in touch if our system allows it!

Kirsty Smyth

are you planning to speak in french when you are in France? if so,are you nervous?

Laura McKissock

Are any of you a bit nervous about eating the French food?


hello.are you keen on french food?

Kristofer Murphy

How big is the place you are staying at and do you like french food like snails and frogs legs?

Neil McClelland

Have your French lessons equipped you to
survive in France?

Katie Thomson

Will you count on Mr McIntosh to speak all the
French or is your French good enough for to do
it yourself?

Natasha Lamont

can you speak good french?

Daniel Llewellyn

Hello! Do you think you will enjoy the trip to France, to learn about D-Day and World War II ? How much of the trip do you think you will enjoy the most? Bye!

Laura McKissock

Are you looking forward to going to Normandy and Paris? Do any of you think you're going to get home sick?

David Cummings

hey julie!!! Can't wait for france. I went to benmore with the school last weekend with mrs Bovill and mr Brown and they were both good fun and I hope the France trip is even more fun

Liam Bonnar

I cannot wait to go to the Normandy Beaches and I also cant wait to go toParc Asterix because I Love Theme parks! I'm going to take loads of Photos!

Je pouvoir attente en visite du Normandy Beaches Parce que c'est l'histoiric.C'ependent je pouvoir attente en visite du parc Asterix parce que je amour le parc d'actractions. Je vais prendre beaucoup des tas de Photographie


The Mont Saint Michel was constructed in 708 which is over 3 centurys old. The abbey was onstucted in 1054. It has monks that live on it and normal people! It has gift food and tourisme shops on it and is free to get on. When the tide is out you can walk out to the Mont Saint Michel.

Le Mont Saint Michel etait conslruire en sept cent huit, c'est plus trize centurys ans. L'abbaye eyait construire en mille cent cinquante-quatre. Il y a des moines et normalmant personnes! Il y a des magasins de cadeaux, nourriture et tourisme. Quand le maree a basse on peut promende exterier de la Mont Saint Michel. L'entre ce c'est gratuite mais la magasin cadeau ce cher couteux

Lyndsay and Katie

Do you have a plan if any of you get lost?Will you meet somewhere?


good luck in france i hope it's good wish i could have been there.

Angela and Norman

Hopefully you'll be having your first taste of real French cuisine! Hope the crossing wasn't too bad and you had some fun on the boat.
Missing you sweetheart. Love to all.
Mum and Dad


Hola faretaste

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