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October 07, 2004



Hello guys how are,
I'm glad that u all wrote back. I would really like it if you guys write back saying how it was and did you meet any people that experienced the Holocust itself. Another thing is that it would be great if i can understand Scotland more and what you guys do for fun and what your daily days are like. Thanks so much hope you had fun.One more thing when you write back just mention my name so I know you are answering my question.
Love always MIA and Nazarae

Brittany & Chelsea

Dear musselburg students,
Hello-I hope that yall are having a great time in Germany. I have a couple of questions to ask yall while on the trip.
1. Have yall done any drama activities while there?
2.what have yall seen there far as touring and sight seeing?
3.How is the learning process going while in germany, is it hard to comprehend the information?
4.How did yall enjoy interacting with the ceack house students?

well that's all about the trip. I hope that you all have had fun and I am looking foward to hearing back from the schhol and how much fun yall have had.

Your's truly,
Brittany Gunn & Chelsea Carrow


Hey everybody have you all been having fun and see exciting things? Well I was just wondering if you have actually seen any antiques beside the beds and furniture? I hope you are having a great time. I also have another question did you put yourself in their place and see what they went through and how you would acted. Because as actors this is what we do to prepare for a part.

Love always,

Leia, Chassity, Melanie


It's very exciting to know all of you had the opportunity to travel to Germany and experience such an amazing part of history. What we want to know is did your group understand more of the history and treatment that had befallen the Jewish people within their everyday life at the camp?
We would really appreciate your responses because were very excited about hearing about your experiences.

Your friends,
Leia, Chassity, Melanie.

Leia- [email protected]
Chassity- [email protected]
Melanie- [email protected]

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