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October 11, 2004


The Simpson

Hey Aidan. Hope you got there safely, and are having a good (and informative (from mum)) time. Remember to get us prezzies (especially Kirsty). And don't miss the plane home. Try a fish head for us. Buh-bye
Mum, Kirsty and Roanna


Hi Kyzie

Hope you are having a great time and that your back is not too sore!! Keep taking the painkillers.

See you soon.



So how has it been?

Courtney, Gabby, and Neyva

We hope you're enjoying your trip and we were wondering what has been the best part of your trip.


How has it been on the trip? Hope everyone made it there safely and is being safe. Love, Raymond


When you were on the trip, how did you feel when you visited the concentration camps?


Hey!! Sorry people in my class are immature & don't have any hometraining. I hope you have fun and do a good deed with all the information you gather on your trip. Let us know how everything went good & bad.

Mrs. Fuller

Dear Mussellburgh Students,

I have just spent some time reading your essays and browsing the Krakow-Auschwitz-Prague web. I watched the video again and listened to the narrative. I think this was one of the more powerful moments for my students.

I once again want to commend you, Mr. McIntosh and all of the teachers, and others who accompanied you on your trip.

My drama students really cannot fathom the enormity of this experience. I wish that I could offer them this kind of opportunity. But, since I can't, we are fortunate to be able to see the past through your eyes. It is a past which has affected the whole world.

We will soon begin several projects based on your trip which we hope to share with you as you are sharing with us: From a living history art project to performance pieces.

We appreciate the efforts of all of you and kudos to Mr. McIntosh and the rest of your teachers. Grasp every moment you can with them. They are offering all of you the chances of a lifetime.


Mrs. Carol Fuller
Drama Instructor
South Cobb High School
Austell, Georgia USA


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