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October 05, 2004


Reggie Class

Hi hows it goin? the walls are fallin down around us here but the sun is shinin and we r gettin as much homewrk as ever. We are all thinkin bout uz and we hope u r havin a great time.

got to go cause the bell went. see u soon


Hey Amanda and Sarah,
i hope yall are having a great time. now that you have seen alittle about how the camp looks like. could you even imagine the pain that they went threw just by looking at the area? could you discribe the concentration camp?


What did you do when you arrived at the concentration camps? Did you just look around or did you imagine yourself in the place of someone who was in the concentration camp.Were the camps empty or did they have old shoes, glasses, ect. there? By telling your experience of going to Poland and telling people how bad the Holaucost really was do you think that it will change people's mind about racism and other things and that they will choose to look at everything trough someone else's perspective.I would love to hear more about your trip and i would love personal replys as well. You can contact me at [email protected]

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