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October 15, 2004


Mr Burns

Glad to heat that you arrived safely. Hope that you enjoy meeting up with your Polish counterparts. I expect to hear about your visit to Auswitz when you return.
I hope you enjoy your stay in Krakow and don't find the journey back to Prague to be too onerous. Bad news about the Czech government banning alcohol from the beginning of next week, though !!

Miss. Park

Hi Lauren, Kelly, Kris & Mark (Higher Biologists!),
Hope you are enjoying your trip - the class has been so quiet without you guys the past couple of days. Good news .... you all passed your Biology NABs - told you it was easy!! So you can relax, safe in the knowledge that you are still stuck in my group, ha ha! Looking forward to hearing about all your amazing trip when you get back.

Mrs A Foad

Sarah, wheres my birthday wellies?! hope you are having a good time. safe journey back! love auntie alwynne et al xx


Let me know about the scariest / most interesting things you found at Auschwitz when you get back! My email is [email protected] (once again).


Hey guys!

You're going to have to tell me how it [the city areas and such] looks over there, and if it's much different from where you live! So, how much has the trip changed your veiws on the Holocost? Has it? Is it easier to see both sides of the story now that you're in Germany?



hello fellow students, I hope you are having a great experience in Krakow and that you have a safe trip. How did it feel first walking on the soil of the concentration camp?

Lam Nguyen

Dear Musselburg Students,

What do you plan on doing once you get back to Scotland to ensure that the message of your trip lasts for a prolonged period of time? What was the most pertinent lesson learned throughout the whole trip?

Tamira Dickens

Hello, my name is Tamira and I just recently traveled from New Jersey to Georgia and there is a big change.I hear that your school had the chance to visit Germany was this change hard at first but got easier as the days passed? If you had the chance to stay there longer would you? Do you think that it is harder to survive in Gremany than United States? That is all the questions I have thank you for listening hope to hear from you soon!!

Phillip Tanks

Hello my name is Phillip Tanks and I have a question. Is there a group of nazis called the neo nazis and if so what do you know about them are they a pacifists group? Have you meet someone from the holocaust? How old are they? Well those are my questions hope to hear from you bye.Phillip Tanks


hey linz,rach and lianne & co!
its nic lol just wondering how was the trip? Hope you all had a good trip? We all missed you (not! jk) and i hope linzi had a good birthday!

Speak to yous all when i see you, love nicola xx

Josh Rackliffe

Your video was very moving and I really enjoyed watching it. Seeing those horrible images of shoes, suitcases, and other paraphernalia made me realize how terribly the Nazis treated the Jews. How did seeing the Camps in person make things come to a personal level, rather than just viewing them over the internet or through other sources? I hope you had a great time on your trip and I also hope to hear more about your discoveries.
Josh Rackliffe

Tiffany Barneys

It's been a while since the last time we talked. So how was the trip? Did it affect you more than before you went on the trip? I think what you all did was good, you got to see what it was like to walk in somebody else's shoes. I wish you all happiness in your lives.


Danielle Bialka

This trip must have been amazing. I never thought there could be that much suffering in one place! It blows my mind...wow! thats all i can say, im speachless... wow! Were you as speachless as I am now when you arrived? I think I would still be dwelling on the memories that place holds and all those people's suffring... wow! I just think i would break down and cry! i do hope you enjoyed yourselfs.

Gail Ledford

It has been awhile since the last time I commented. So how did the trip go? Were you as prepared emotionaly and mentally as you thought you would be? It has always been a dream of mine to go to the places that you have visited and see them for myself. I always wondered what it would be like to stand in an actual concentration camp. What exactly did you learn while you were on the trip. I hope that one day I will have the time (not to mention the money!) to visit Auschwitz,Krakow, and maybe I will even get to visit the place where Anne Frank and her family hid from the Nazis (for she is one of my role models).

Anyway, if anyone would like to contact me individually (for I would love very much to have a penpal) here is my email again just in case: [email protected]

Holly Smith

While I have no family members that were subjected to the Holocaust, I still am deeply affected. Josh Rackliffe, a very good friend of mine, is Jewish. I can't imagine the pain I would feel if he were taken in the same manner. We talk, laugh and perform together. If he were in a concentration camp I would be devastated. We all are very appreciative of your affiliation with us. We will soon begin work on our performance piece. I, as well as everyone else in my class, is indebted to you all. Thank you so much.

After seeing what was left of Krakow and Auschwitz, I'm sure you will take the images with you for life. I have a question. My mother, who is a Marine and studies wars and battles, told me of a doctor in Auschwitz. He performed experiments on some of the people such as, if you harm one twin, would the other feel it? My mother said that he would put them in boiling water before performing experiments to soften their skin. Is this true? I would like to hear about it, if that is part of what you learned on your trip.

Thank you,

Tiffany Carrington

Congratulations on your trip to Germany! At any point and time during your trip, did you feel overwhelmed with sorrow at the camps? Did you realize at any point how much the Jews really suffered? More importantly did you learn anything new due to your visit that you did not know before?

jenna mcdonald

hey!!!! how was the trip? robert- sam and i were waitin 4 a text back lol. See u all next tues mornin, lotsa love, jenna x x x x x

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