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September 08, 2004


Hey, this is David from South Cobb High School, in Georgia. I'm 17 years old, and I am an avid musician! I would like to establish contact with at least one of the students in your program to discuss the Holocaust and the emotions involved during those times. It would be great if one of you could send me an email or something. Thanks!


Hey beautiful people, my name is Mia and i love the fact that your school gets to travel to different places around Europe. I also am from Europe and imoved here from Bosnia six years ago, and I am 16 now. I would love for you guys to write me back and tell me about yourselfs, and how your trip is going. Maybe down the road I could visit the place as well, since I do come every summer to Bosnia.
Please write back
Lots of Love and Kisses

Alan Cole

What are your opinions on your cause and what you will be doing in Germany? What king of outcome are you trying to achieve?


Oops! David again, I forgot to list my email earlier: [email protected]


Hey y'all!

This is Noël from South Cobb High School! ☺ I hope you all have a ton of fun on your trip it seems awesome.

Our drama class is currently trying to put together a grup performance as well as a few individual scenes on the Holocost. I was wondering if you had any advice or input about what we should do?

I also heard that you worked with your drama club on some projects, I was also wondering how you liked that, and if you had any ideas for good projects for us.

Sending good wishes!



oops! I figure you'd like my e-mail address to answer that. Sorry! It's

[email protected]


Lam Nguyen

Hello, I am happy I have this opportunity to expand my horizons to other people around the world. Your project is interesting and an intriguing look into the past which is important for all beings on this earth. We study the past in order to not repeat it, and it is only repeated through ignorance. I would love to have future contacts through my email and get to know the students taking this endeavor. What kind of preparations are you taking in order to live the full experience of the holocaust?

Hi I hope that you have a good trip


Hey i want to wish u all the best of luck on your trip. i wish you could come to the USA i would like to hear from you

how do you think being in a concentration comp is going to make you feal

Hey this is Courtney! I'm also from South Cobb High in Georgia. I think its really awesome that yall are taking this trip.I wish we were able to do things like this at our schools.Anyway! I hope yall have an amazing trip and learn lots!

question time....

How do yall think this time period affected the people in the community that weren't being thrown in those horrible places like Auscuhwitz.Do you think they became more thankful for the things they had?

HEY my name is jessica i go to south cobb "go 2007"im 15 years old. OMGoodness i think it soo cool that yall get to TRAVEL.. lol anyways. so in the Holocust.. WHO was in charge of all of the MADNESS.he obviously wasnt loved as a child..and if other counties didn't agree with that mans decision why didnt they stop him from doing all of those HORRIBLE things to the Jews? im sure other countries or governmenets overolled him!! in the constitution camps for the jews what all did they do there... what kind of food did they serve?well i would appreciate it if you wrote me back!!!and thanx if you do soo.. much love!! ohh and tell me how your trip goes :P

<33 jessica
(those are hearts)


Hey sorry about the time it took me so long to rite yall this computer was actin up .My names Phillip an im 15 but i will be 16 on the 2nd of october enuff about me how are yall? Is germany Peaceful? So when the jews were takin to the camp they were taken by freight train right? And is it true that hitler himself visted auswhits an gaseed a group of jews?Hey that town yall were in Krokow how old is it well thats all the q's i got o b sure to visit the autoban.


jessica again ..sorry i ment to say concentration camp**


Do you think going to the concentration camp will affect you in a good or bad way?

Hello, my name's Josh Rackliffe, I'm 16 years old and I also attend South Cobb High School here in the United States. First off, your trip sounds very interesting, and I admire how much time and effort that everyone has put into the project. As a Jewish person myself, the trip affects me on a more personal level. Luckily, I did not have any family members fall at the hands of Hitler's tyrrany, however my family still remembers the 6 million lives taken from the Jewish people.
Although I could flood this message with endless questions, I was wondering about the details of your trip inside of Auschwitz. Are you going to be able to tour the facility up close and personal? I'm curious as to how "hands-on" the tour is, because it may be something I'll be able to do later in life. Thanks! my email address is [email protected] I hope you have an amazing experience.
-Josh Rackliffe


How long did it take to plan for this trip? How long is the trip going to last for? At first was the thought of the trip scary? Because if it was me than I'd be terrified.

Holly Smith

Hello, my name is Holly Smith and I am from South Cobb Highschool in Georgia. Your school's trip is very interesting to me. Unfortunately, my school cannot take trips as yours. However, reading your essays and watching your movie was very nice. I would really like to hear more about your trip and all of the things you learned.

Best of luck,
Holly Smith


To add to some personal experience, my father was Jewish. He died when I was younger, but the fact is that this affects everyone not just the Jewish people. I wish I could go with you all on the trip, because it would be an experience I would never forget. On the "Journey" I wish you all good luck, you can e-mail me with other facts and interesting ideas at [email protected]

Love,Peace, & Happiness

Amaya and Rose Lori

We have been looking through the website and we have found it very interesting. There are very interesting pictures on this website and it gives a good insight on what the Jews, during the holocaust, must have gone through.We think you are very fortunate to have been able to visit a place where history occured. There are so many people who do not understand the importance of knowing the worlds history. We hope you have a great trip and live a long life knowing as of what happened in history and keep sharing your views with the world.


This is Akia and Johnetta from South Cobb High School. We think it is wonderful for your school to have an experience like this. Do you think that the acting excercises you all did in preparation for your trip will help you deal with the reality of the Holocaust? Do you think that you would have been able to live in the same conditions as those who were involved in the Holocaust? Do you think this experience will help you value what you have now,and help you to become more aware of your blessings? Last question. Do you feel that if you were faced in the same predicament as those in the Holocaust, would you have had the strength to survive? Feel free to e-mail us with your answers or to share moments of your trip!

Johnetta's e-mail: [email protected]

Akia's e-mail: [email protected]

Wishing you a fun and safe trip,
Johnetta and Akia!

Hi guys hope you had a great trip. I would like to ask you what effect did this trip have on you?

Hey guys! I'm Melanie Sachno and I am from Atlanta, Georgia. I am 15 years old and I'm currently in the tenth grade at South Cobb High School. I'm very excited to hear that you guys are planning to take a trip to see what the Holocaust was like. I would love to hear from you guys before and after your trip. My questions for you is, Do you think you will grow as a person after taking this trip? How do you feel knowing that your going to a place where Millions of people were killed, tortured, and deprived of their identity, but only had a number branded to them? Well, I'm very excited for you guys! my email is [email protected] if you want to fill me in on anything! Have an awesome trip!


My name is Danielle Bialka, I hope you all have fun and learn lots of intresting facts. I was born in Germany and have been to some of the places you will visit, but unfortunately I don't rember it, because i was a little baby. I wish you well travles!! How do you feel about the conditions the people live in? I hope you have fun!!!
Well wishes,

Gail Ledford

Hello, my name is Gail Ledford and I also attend South Cobb High School. I think what you guys are getting to do is amazing!! I saw some of the photographs of your trip and they really touched me. I believe that for you to be able to actually go and tour the camps is a wonderful learning experience because you actually get to see what it was like for the people who were imprisoned there. I also believe that the photographs that you have posted on this website is a great way for others who may not have an opportunity to actually travel there to learn what you have learned through a visual experience.

I have so many questions to ask you about your trip but I am afraid that I will bore you to death so I will limit myself to only these two:

1. How do you think this trip will change you as a person?

2. Do you think that you will be able to use the experiences from this trip to help teach others about the downfalls of persecution?

Thank you for listening to my questions! My email is [email protected]

Gail Ledford

Hi my name is Leon, I am a student at South cobb High school. I think what you all are doing is well beond words. I have read so of what you have posted, and I must say it leaves me speachless. My question is for those who participated in the drama exercise. What thoughts went through your minds as you took on the life of a Jewish prisoner? What emotions did you feel? I only hope that you have a great expirence.
Leon Gilgeours

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