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April 26, 2004


Why did they take the shoes?

Briitany & Chelsea

Hello, this is Brittany And Chelsea e-mailing you all from the U.S In Georgia, at South Cobb High School. I was told that your school took or is taking a trip to Germany. I wish that we could take it with yall. I hope yall have a great time. But before I go I have a couple of questions to ask,How much reaseach did yall have to do before taking this trip? While over there are yall going to to do anything dealing with Drama? How does it feel to leave school for a preiod of time? What are the other studies do you all have to study before your school planed this wonderful trip? well I guess we will go now, I hope that we will hear from you all shortly.

Love al-ways,
Brittany & Chelsea


what is the paving and the gost in the room by the bong bed


This is Nazarae at South Cobb High School in Georgia,USA. I hope you will have lots of fun on your trip. Did drama really help you to understand how it is to be Jewish at a concentration camp? What do you think you will get out of this trip? I hope everyone learns alot.

With Lots of Love,

Hi you guys I have heard that you guys are going on a trip.are you guys sared of the gost in the room and why do have a paving and what does the clock tower for?

hey this is phillip saying good luck over there an learn something I mean how often do you get to go to germany?

Hi you guys I have heard that you guys are going on a trip.are you guys sared of the gost in the room and why do have a paving and what does the clock tower for?


Tiffany Carrington

I find a great interest in the Holocaust.I have taken classes over the years going in depth about the occurances of the Holocaust. When I hear the stories of what this culture of people went through, it makes me realize it's more out there than slavery, and injustice of human rights. When I hear the truth, it shows me to look a little deeper, to try atleast for a second and imagine what these people went through. My question to you is this, when you see the deaths, and you see the anguish written on every person, what runs through your mind? How does it make you feel?

Julia Jackson

Hi This Julia I have seen the pictures on the website and they was very interesting Their is one question did you do alot of research on this country? when looking at these pictures it makes you think the jews was treeted really bad and I for one do appreciate you doing that I hope you have a wonderfull time in all the great places you are going.

tawny smith

My name is Tawny Smith.I am a student at South Cobb High School, which you have gotten alot of us on your comment list.I have found all of your pictures and essays very facinating.From all my searching on the web site that you have built,I have formed a few questions on the bases of your research.With what you have read and what you have seen so far do you feel greatful for what you have in your every day life? How does it make you feel when you see what has happened, and what do you think that you will gain from your trip? With in the acting lines, when you experienced the effect that acting could put upon you ,how did you feel when you were put in there places? So please have fun on your trip and be careful meaning be safe.
Tawny Smith

lee anne rankin

Hi, my name is Lee Anne... I too go to South Cobb. The video was very touching, and it's really exciting and moving to be looking into all this stuff. I wanted to ask the students, what are some of the things that touched you the most? And the things that had the biggest impact on you? And how did it effect you, after going and seeing all those things, to come home to your normal lives?
Lee Anne Rankin

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