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May 17, 2005



Gwen Stefani rock!;) But I like better something stronger like rock, or punk. But anyway OK.


Gwen Stefani is nice, but Avril, Anastacia and for example Groove Coverage are also good. ;)

ania... i don't think they know your "fascinating" band "groove coverage" but now they will love to check it out ;D Good job!!
I like cradle of filth so it's not the style you shew in your note but ok ;)cya


Now i will give you the signature ;D
i forgot about this in the last comment


Marta- probably you're right... I don't care about this... It's just my opinion. Buziaki


I guess it is not worth spending time on argueing what sort of music is our favourite one, but if aomebody doesn't have any better idea what to spend his time on, then go on. Well it seems to be that it has been given up to carry on with the programme. It is a pitty because I think it might have future and result in some new friendships and broader knowledge, but the problem is ( I guess ack of time) Anyway wish You like in the future.

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