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March 21, 2005



"I'm Gosia Mańka. I've got one si" what is this?? -> I'm Gosia Mańka. I'm 16 years old. I've got one sister - Ann. I like drawing, cooking, sleeping and listening to music. My favourite sort of music is punk-rock. I like Blink 182 (Tom is so handsome:), GC, Sum 41 and Myslovitz from Poland. My favourit season is spring because I have a birthday then. Many greets.


I'm courious why did they cut your sentences Gosia.
But now it's ok.


well you could arrange a little bit for writing our introduces. i hope the rest of our informations will be write better :)


i hope too because now is a 'kaszana' there. I can't twing on this site:/


I hope too because now is 'kaszana' there. I can't twig on this site:/


I will only say:
"don't worry be happy" and "kaszana" will go...;)

see ya

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